Jun 9, 2010

Part 2 of the Nokia N8 Overview!

Nokia finally release the second part of the N8 Walkthrough Trilogy video, this time showing its photography prowess, my most awaited part should I say, and some softwares. The Nokia N8 has a 12MP Carl Ziess optics to broad about with the mighty Xenon flash.

Prominent part of the video, the new picture gallery which eliminates the carousel type one that Nokia have used for a decade, the smooth and fast flow of images, the almost instant feedback to touch, pinch zoom among others.

The Picture and Video Editor was sweet, that would mean I can edit my images and videos without using a PC and upload them directly to my blog! You can create movies, add clips, have your own storyboards among others, somewhat like a Windows Movie Maker which I am currently using to create my youTube masterpieces/crap, kidding! c", Anyways, I'm glad that Nokia finally came up with this, it was part of my wish lists for quite sometime now.

Alrighty! Here is the video I've been chanting about! Watch and Drool! c",


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