Jun 26, 2010

First Qt Based Symbian Game Ballz, Ready To Take Action

Tamoggemon is proud to announce that it has just become the first vendor to provide a Qt-based Symbian game to the public.

BallZ for Symbian is a port of the evergreen JezzBall, which has been an extremely popular, nonviolent action game. The game can be played without a stylus - thanks to the innovative user interface.

Enjoy the following features:

* Memory card compatible
* Background music
* Futuristic sound effects
* Simple controls

As Tam Hanna, Tamoggemon’s CEO states, "We have always been strongly committed to Symbian as a platform. Working with Qt wasn’t always easy. Even though the development environment is fantastic, shipping apps was not possible so far."”

BallZ has already been submitted to the Ovi store, and is expected to become available in the next few days. The product will cost 3 Euro. A free trial version, containing five levels, will also be provided.


Looks interesting will check it out, congrats for getting your app in the OVI store!

I can understand how much more effort it might be but then again the upside potential is also larger, isnt it?

Good luck with it in any case.

It does look interesting. I will also try this game when it comes out! c",

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