Jul 1, 2010

My Nokia 2220 Slide Story

Remember my post about My Nokia Story competition organize by Nokia Philippines, well I joined the competition by submitting my unique experience with a Nokia phone and gained a node from the judges winning me the new stylish head turner Nokia 2220 Slide. Woot! c”, A Nokia representative called me up yesterday to inform me about it and ask few confirmations. Funny because I was very nervous that time, I was speechless and I think my voice was shaking, weird!? Haha..

I thought my story will not make it because of the number of entries receive by the website but I suppose it stand out from the rest that’s why they choose it. Exhilarating to sum it all up and thank you judges, it was totally unexpected!

I have to say that this is one of the most special, memorable and treasured gift I will receive because first and foremost, I had a nosebleed while writing the story (I wrote the story in English that is why c”,), losing me a pint blood during the entire process, secondly, because of its very personal content which I shared to the world and third, the story behind this blog and my inspiration in creating it. So expect to see me carrying this phone more than usual.

I know you’re interested to know the details of my Nokia Story, wicked as it is but I have to ask you to visit the host site to find the story yourself (evil laugh! hahaha), kidding aside but really, you have to see the site to read other users interesting Nokia stories as well. They are inspiring, funny and mostly heartwarming! You can even join the competition because it still run until August 2010, Go check it out HERE.


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