Jun 3, 2010

The Green Way Of Charging Phones

Providing free and environmentally friendly electricity for mobile phones, the Nokia Bicycle Charger Kit consists of a charger and dynamo, as well as a holder to secure the phone to the bike. When the kit is installed, the dynamo - a small electrical generator - uses the movement of the wheels to charge the handset through the standard 2mm charging jack used in most Nokia mobile phones.

Lambeek continued, "You must look at a number of things when it comes to power management - such as ensuring the phone's operating system is as power-efficient as possible.

Now, with our innovative bike charger, people get even more freedom to use their Nokia without worrying about battery life. Bicycles are the most widespread means of transport in many markets around the world, so this is just one more benefit to be gained from an activity people are already doing. This is a great solution to a real challenge, whether people will use it due to limited access to electricity, or to be more environmentally responsible." The kit will be available before the end of the year in selected retailers and Nokia online and branded retail.

So this product could be on the number one list of my "Go Green Shopping Lists" application! Great invention Nokia Team!


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