Jun 4, 2010

Let The Games Begin! another Nokia N8 Teaser Videos..

June has just started so it will only be a month more before the Nokia N8, "the most powerful and the coolest smartphone in the world", hits the shelves and so video samples of the phones interface keeps coming in from "lucky people" who were able to grab early prototypes.

Coolest among the videos were of course the Gaming capability of the phone showing 3D graphic rich games. Well at all last, they have a phone that can make use of the 3D feature being fully supported by Symbian 3. There were two videos that came out, first video showed the the accelerometer base Rally Master and Bounce while the second video flaunts Monopoly, Sims 3 and Tetris, talking about several games here so to speak, I wonder if Nokia installed them all to the phone or they be selective base on location? Hopefully they'll include everything or add more so the game geeks


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