Jul 26, 2010

Business Reloader!

I’m feeling businessman like at the moment that is why I’m planning to put up a reloading station both Globe Telecom and Smart Communications. I’m already stripping out retailers SIM’s around the metro and also phone(s) that I will be using with it. I need at least two phones aside from my primary/private phone because I will be using two different networks that have to stay active all the times. This would have been the best time to buy the C2-00, the very first Nokia dual SIM (dual standby) phone but I doubt if it will become available as early as August here in the Philippines.

I’m planning to buy at least one phone since I have two at the moment, my Nokia N82 which will be my primary phone and the Nokia 2300 Classic that I swapped for the Nokia 2220 Slide. The phone will also be an entry level one being use only for reloading. Tons of cheap refurbished Nokia phones floods in the local market at the moment so I might buy one of them. Did you know that you can still buy Nokia 3310 here in my area for PhP500 or about $10 only? Yep, we have it here, and knowing how durable this phone is, this will definitely stand tall and my best option to purchase.

I could also go for a specialized retailer SIM’s that carries all networks. I’ve seen one in a business fair that I attended in Manila a year ago but I doubt if they are sold here in my province. As far as I can remember, the process of reloading this SIM’s are complicated being a third party consortium so I might stay with direct retailing.

Anyways, it will still be a long way ahead, I’m still waiting for my money to be released before I could invest it, as of the moment, I’m still looking for the best alternative. If only Nokia could release the C1-00 earlier, I wouldn’t have any problem at all.


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