Jul 27, 2010

Flu and Injured

Have you heard about being injured one day then gets a flu with high filleting fever the next day? I just did 3 days ago. c”, I was whip flash injured due to a slip fall that bump my head on the floor, thanks but no thanks to the wet floor in our kitchen, then got a viral influenza the next day that send me to delirium for the next two days. I know its weird whatsoever because being injured does not give you viral disease as a complication but it did happen to me.

After my dreadful fall, I only stayed at home having to go with the pain brought about by it but I was surprise the next day that I got a viral flu. It was big mess above all since I have to combat pain at the same time the constant sneezing, the high body temperature and cough. It’s like a bring it all scenario with no choice but to bear with them. Viral fever would mean that Paracetamol among other antipyretic drugs have no effect on it that no matter how many times you drink one it won’t bring your fever down, so just imagine stripping around 38-40 degrees Celsius within 2 days, its 60 degrees colder than hell . It was even delirious at times that I imagine playing minesweeper, haha! I’m not kidding! c”,

Anyways, I’m glad that it was over. My body temperature has gone normal this morning with a bit of colds remaining. My neck by the way still hurts specially when I get up or lay down so I had my neck and head x-rayed this morning just to know any dislocated bones or veins whatsoever. They were called a Cervical and Skull Series type of x-ray procedures which were costly but at least, I could be examined for possible dislocations if they were any. As of the moment I’m hanging on, recovering, back to my old self, back to my writing and stuff. I may be back to work tomorrow depending on the situation, I’m already absent for 3 days so I have lots of things to do.


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