Jul 24, 2010

Excerpts Saturday! One Euporia Down and One More To Go!

I’m not talking about sex here ;) but work, I’m now left with one hospital to maneuver against the PhilHealth Benchbook Program after one of my handled institutions successfully surpassed the dreadful inspection last week. I have to congratulate the management and staffs for a job well done, it was a team effort, a group accomplishment, without the help of each and everyone, we wouldn’t have achieved the status and distinction that was given to us. I know I had become dreadful myself during the preparation that they have to fear my presence but I have no choice but to do my job. Well the result was very positive and it was due to the endless effort and dedication that was shown by everyone. Now we will be waiting for the reward that was promised to us by the management, I wonder what that would be, a beach party, a mid-year bonus or maybe a tour around the world. Hehe! ;)

Now I have to face a far greater challenge, how to maneuver an institution that has less enthusiastic management, meaning less supportive and less dedicated staff. Being a “consultant” that would guide them on how to pass the Benchbook Program, it would be a head over heels obstacle for me to combat. The management doesn’t seem to take my opinions and suggestions seriously particularly on changing or adding certain parts to their Physical Plant due to budget constraints. They seemed to thrift in all things would that be personal or business. Benchbook is about quality and in order to achieve this, the facility must impose quality to every aspect, would that be physical, manpower or service.

The staffs as I can see for the past 3 days that I’m with them, they seemed frugal and hesitant to help since they are not well supported by the management. I heard complaints and problems of mismanagement by the Hospital Administrator, restricted access to important areas like drug room, less supplies, etc, so the problem was deep and internal. I wouldn’t see change from the staff unless I address their problem with the management first which as I have mentioned, less enthusiastic.

I will still try my best though to clear the situation up and move the facility forward as it should be, I have more than a month to change the scenario for the better. I wouldn’t allow any failure to set in between; I already have too many failures (lovelife?) in my life that I can’t afford to add another one. The facility must succeed the harshest way possible. Anyways, wish me luck!


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