Jul 20, 2010

Body of Lies and Nokia

Nothing negative in here against Nokia, it’s just that I was able to watch the movie Body of Lies that stars Russel Crow and Leonardo DiCaprio that showed tons of Nokia mobilephones. It’s like a Nokia sponsored movie having use Nokia phones only the entire time and by most of the characters. Most prominent was the one use by DiCaprio and Crow, the Nokia 6600 Navigator which was shown most of the time as they often communicate using the phone.

Body of Lies is a story about terrorism by Muslim extremist, war in the Middle East and how the United States deals with them. Of course the movie is fictional but in general sense, it depicted a scenario that was happening undeniably. In order to gain access and fight this groups, the United Stated have no choice but to conduct surveillance as brutal as it may seem in exchange to the life that will be save by doing so. This terrorist groups bombs every possible place they could, kills every possible civilians as please in the name of religion. Sorry but this is a sick ideology and should be condemned to the utmost possible.

Anyways, it’s a good movie to watch if you’re into action and adventure and if you do, can you please count and identify all the Nokia phones that was shown, for records sake. c”,


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