Jul 10, 2010

Excerpts Saturday! Unemployed and My Raging Dream

I am officially unemployed! Wow, I’m now part of the millions of Filipinos who have no job at the moment. Sad!

It’s a long story should I say, I preferred not to share every details of it because its personal, but it has something to do with happiness or doing the things that I should be happy about.

At the moment, my priority is to find job that best fit my interest and as far away as possible, a job that is somewhat mobilephone or travel related and to a place that I haven’t been to. I want to discover new places and start a new life. I feel that when I’m here, everything is the same; I got to see the same people, the same routine and same living condition. I want a new world, a new breath of air and a new beginning. You might think that this is about my past relationship again, yes you’re right, I feel like when I’m here, I cannot start all over again…

For the next month or two I will be busy helping my uncles’ hospitals. They have difficulty in the Benchbook program and they tap me as a consultant to guide them. That would be two hospitals to cover every other day so this will keep me busy for now. And by the way, my other uncle offered me an administrative position in his hospital but I wouldn’t want to accept it because I want to be somewhere else, away from here as possible.

So please, if you knew any vacancy let me know! c”,


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