Jul 9, 2010

Nokia N96, The Most Expensive Device in the Nokia Portfolio?

This is a big surprise! N96, the only mobileTV carrying flagship device from Nokia is the most expensive device in the Nokia portfolio here in my place. That’s according to the Price Guide that I receive from Gaisano Interface for July! Funny but so true! c”,

It’s PhP1,000 more expensive than the N900, Nokia’s Meamo flagship device, PhP5,100 expensive than the N97 Navi, Nokia’s NSeries Navigation optimize flagship device and PhP7,800 ridiculously expensive than N97 Mini, the best Symbian touch device in the market!

Well I hope this is just a glitz or misunderstanding from the supplier because technically, N96 is far more inferior than the current mentioned devices and even to N95 or my beloved N82. What it only have are bigger memory and DVBH TV receiver, other than that, it has nothing more to offer.

Anyways here are the pricelist of selected devices.

PhP 2,850.00 - Nokia 2220 Slide (My Nokia Story coveted price)
PhP 4,950.00 - Nokia 5130 + MD 9 Boombox
PhP 5,530.00 - Nokia 5530 XpressMusic (The only Touch Device I once own)
PhP 7,595.00 - Nokia C5 (Newest Phone in town)
PhP 12,495.00 - Nokia 5800 (My brother’s beloved phone)
PhP 14,795.00 - Nokia E75 (The only ESeries that I once own)
PhP 15,295.00 - Nokia N85 (My once upon a time AMOLED dual slider Dreamphone)
PhP 16,295.00 - Nokia E72 (My current QWERTY Dreamphone)
PhP 16,695.00 - Nokia X6 (The best Musis phone in the market)
PhP 18,795.00 - Nokia N97 Mini Navi (My Lust Phone!)
PhP 21,495.00 - Nokia N97 Navi
PhP 25,595.00 - Nokia N900 (Phone that I’m very interested to try)
PhP 26,595.00 - Nokia N96 (Are you kidding me?)


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