Jul 5, 2010

The Rumored Nokia N9!?

And so another Nokia device dubbed "N9" comes to picture and waiting announcement? That's according to the rumor going around the mobilephoneverse, a Symbian^3 superphone with a 4 inch screen and an N97-like QWERTY form factor is in the works! Interesting, because this will definitely send me to another state of oblivion as to what am I going to call the ultimate device that suites me best, the Nokia N8 or the rumored N9?

When the N8 was announced, it was easy for me to point it out as my only phone of choice for upgrade since it has almost everything that I need and want, smooth and savvy user interface, multitouch, 12 megapixel Carl Zeiss camera, Xenon Flash, Fast processor with Graphics Accelerator, huge RAM and AMOLED but one very important feature was missing, mechanical QWERTY button. I have always been very vocal about my strong affinity for mechanical QWERTY phones and wants to have this as much as possible on my next Nokia device, now the N9 with the same user interface to that of N8 had surfaced.

Rumored N9 though cannot be confirm if it has a capable processor with graphics accelerator, an AMOLED screen, huge RAM among other features and have only an 8MP camera unbranded with Dual Lead flash.

If it is then I will have to choose between QWERTY and camera, two of my bestest and most wanted features. Can Nokia find way in combining this two feature to one, combine N8 and N9 to N10 maybe so I don't have to choose if ever? I cant seemed to cancel one from the other, it has to be booth.


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