Aug 10, 2010

HTC Desire vs Motorola Droid X vs Nokia N8 vs Samsung Galaxy S

Red Alert! The following opinion is based only on the company given hardware and technical specifications, features and sample videos that can be seen in the web or in any video sharing sites. The writer has no hands on experience whatsoever on all of the aforementioned devices so I have the choice to compare them blindly.. just deal with it!

Then again, I will only be citing advantages of the phone with a bit of disadvantages as I have a code of professional point of view/ethics to follow which is… “Don’t Panic!”, so prepare your best argument if you disagree. Anyways, here are the results.

Operating System: Android 2.1 Éclair on HTC Desire. As I mentioned yesterday, Android was the better OS so no need to fret here. I choose HTC Desire specifically because of its graphics riched and eye candy Sense UI (User Interface) above the Android OS. The weather app was outstanding showing graphic effects depending on the day’s weather.

Outer Case: Nokia N8. The anodized aluminum casing is just too awesome compared to the rest. The scratch resistant, super durable case implies longetivity which I badly need being reckless as hell. Though I have to mention the sliding USB cover of Samsung Galaxy S, it’s a genius mechanism no less eliminating the rubber plug that was used by other manufacturers to cover connectors.

Size and Dimension: HTC Desire and Nokia N8. I just cannot stand with the wide dimension of the Samsung Galaxy S and Motorola Droid X. I have a small hand/fingers being a regular Asian dude so the wide dimension matters a lot. I don’t want to reach my thumb all the time when using a device, never!

Display: Nokia N8. The 3.5 inches of the Nokia N8 counts a lot here, again I have a small hand and not to long fingers so the 4 inches screen of the Galaxy S and the 4.3 inches on Droid X doesn’t suite me even if the Galaxy S has a Super AMOLED screen. It’s very important for me to use a phone in one hand recognizing outdoor scenario like walking on the street or clubbing while holding a chick's hand on the other, it must be a comfortable experience of not having to use both hands during the process. The N8 have an AMOLED screen as well so it wouldn’t be much of a difference.

Memory: HTC Desire, Motorola Droid X and Samsung Galaxy S. The 512MB RAM, 512MB ROM internal memory matters a lot to me being a power user that opens a lot of applications at a time on my device. I have problem with this one on my Nokia 5530 XpressMusic touch device before crashing the phone a lot of times during heavy use because of its limited RAM. I don’t want this to happen as much as possible on my new phone.

Connectivity: Nokia N8. The phone is the only Penta band among aforementioned. The N8 also have the WIFI b/g/n like the rest of the phones, Bluetooth 3.0 like the Galaxy S among the latest connectivity options. Best feature of the phone in these criteria are the HDMI and USB OTG connection which allows the phone to play videos flawlessly in an HDMI television with Dolby Surround sound and connect to any USB memory devices such as Flash Drives or any external hard drives.

Camera: Nokia N8. The phone only carries a 12MP Carl Ziess camera, no less than the best to date and Xenon Flash. The phone also is capable of capturing an HD video with a 30 fps speed, also the best among mobilephones. Droid X has an 8MP camera while the rest have 5MP unbranded lens. HTC Desire and Droid X have no second camera and Desire has no flash, shame!

Entertainment: Nokia N8 and Samsung Galaxy S. Both phones can play anything thrown under the hood. The DivX/Xvid support cuts them from the rest, I’m fun of watching movies on my phone so this is as important as the rest of the criteria! Latest Flash support can also be found on both phones though the Droid X topples them both with its 10.1 version. Music app is there, Radio among others. FYI, did you know that the HTC Desire has no Radio app, very lame!

CPU: HTC Desire, Motorola Droid X and Samsung Galaxy S. This is given since the N8 only have an ARM Cortex with 600Mhz while the rest have 1Ghz to boast. This is the main reason why there OS were faster and sleeker.

Features: Samsung Galaxy S. The only phone among the three that has a ready to used Document Editor and Swipe input. The rest of the features among the 4 phones were the generally the same. They all have Games, GPS, Maps, Digital Compass, Voice Memo (except N8) among others.

Battery Life: Samsung Galaxy S. The phone has a 1500mAh Li-Po battery with up to 750 hours of standby time in 2G and 360 hours in 3G. Talk time of 6.30 hours in 3G and 13.30 hours in 2G. Huge battery source in here same to that of the others except Nokia N8 which is the least power capable. The Samsung Galaxy S also have a removable battery which I prefer being a travel freak. The Nokia N8's suffers an ill-fated non-removable battery, lame!

Price: Nokia N8. The phone was announced to cost around 340Euro, meaning it will be within PhP22-23,000 here in the Philippines, far out from the HTC Desire which cost at around PhP29,000-30,000 and Samsung Galaxy S that cost PhP32,000-33,000 at the moment. The Motorola Droid X is currently not sold here in the country so it’s good as none.

Customer Support (Care Centers): Nokia N8 and Samsung Galaxy S. Both phones have strategic Care Centers all over the country so I am assured that if anything happen to my device, I have somewhere near to bump into. Both also have ready to use accessories, parts and supplies to purge.

The Scores:
HTC Desire = 3 points
Motorola Droid X = 2 points
Nokia N8 = 8 points
Samsung Galaxy S = 6 points

And the winner is… (Drum Roll!) Nokia N8! Cheers! This is not an easy win for N8 having been pitted to the best devices in the Android arena. Buying a phone for me doesn’t only include a super savvy OS or a high pixel camera; it has to be everything, the after sales support, the price, usability among others. I also tend to go for the best value device being a smart buyer.

So to my reader who challenges me to discover Android over Nokia N8, the answer is No! Nokia N8 will still be my utmost choice no less at the moment. December would be the perfect time for me to buy one having to go against the initial release price hike scenario and an ample time to save money, it’s inevitable. ;)


good comparison but you didn't include let's say the most important thing which is the web browser
and application availability

Get your facts strait: HTC Desire has an FM radio!

so short review lol n why u making n8 winner ???? well samsung is far better than this bulky n8.....

@anonymous (good comparison but you didn't include let's say the most important thing which is the web browser
and application availability)

The web browser comparison was more of an OS comparison rather than a per phone/manufacturer because its part of Android. It would have been a separate criteria if manufacturers have their own web browser installed. c", Same as the application, there all part of Android market.

@anonymous (Get your facts strait: HTC Desire has an FM radio!)

Sorry about this, I must have miss this out. Desire has an FM radio with RDS, but then again this would add anything up to gain point, the phone doesn't have a DivX/Xvid Support.

@anonymous (so short review lol n why u making n8 winner ???? well samsung is far better than this bulky n8.....)

As I mentioned on the post, this were just comparisons base on spec sheets and videos. It would have been longer if I have personal experience with them all. The post was more of my personal opinion base on my own preference and needs. It just so happen that among my mobilephone needs, Nokia N8 was better.

this is a funny review, a amoled win over super amoled. and a smaller screen win over a smaller screen. XD


finally, somebody considered the post funny c", yes it was! but seriously you miss the point, i prefer to use the 3.5 inch screen because its comfortable to use in one hand. super amoled is definitely better but if its use in a 4 inch screen, id rather choose the amoled.

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