Aug 9, 2010

Pre-Symbian^3 vs Android 2.1 Éclair Operating System

Warning! The following opinion is based on sample videos only that can be seen in any video sharing sites. The writer has no hands on experience whatsoever on both Operating Systems (OS) so I have no right to compare the two.. I think!? not sure.. so just drink moderately!
Serious isn’t it? For the past week, I’ve been watching and researching about the two OS and comparing them as an answer to the challenge thrown to me by one of my readers (good to have one!) and I quote “You’re missing the train to the future gregg003, try Android, Hug and Kisses! Steve Jobs”. This lead me to a rigid and vomitous investigation giving me sleepless nights and as always brain twisting scenario depleting my gray matters even more, told you this is serious!

And I will only be citing advantages of both OS folks as I have my code of professional point of view to follow which is… “Think Positive!”, so bare with me on this. Anyways, here are the results.


- Sleek, cool and a breath of fresh air for Symbianoids (Symbian users)
- Intuitive, more user friendly
- Contacts, Calendars, Messaging are top notch
- DivX support, Video Editor
- More service integration like Maps, Ovi, Music, File syncing and back up among others
- Solid support system

Android 2.1 Éclair

- Very sleek, fast and smooth user interface
- Eye candy crazy with the 3D effect’s everywhere! (Awesome!)
- Standby window is more customizable
- Web browser prowess, fast download of web pages
- Voice activated Google/web search (Futuristic!)
- Better text/message input, supports voice to text conversion, Swipe input is crazy
- Have a very good social networking app integration
- More applications via Android Market

Well, it seemed like a close fight here but it would also be obvious to site Android 2.1 Éclair as a “winner” having to offer “more” but given the fact that the Symbian^3 is still in the pre-production, there are still elements of surprise left to be uncovered, it might catch up and impressed. Question now is, can the final version of Symbian^3 outdo the Android Éclair?

With the result on hand and doubt casts, I think it will it be best to compare devices full hand from hardware, specs, services among others to gauge everything up. Will I still be going for the Nokia N8, the upcoming Symbian^3 or an Android 2.1 Éclair (Upgradable to a more better Android 2.2 Froyo) running devices like Samsung Galaxy S, HTC Desire or Motorola Droid X to mention some? Exxciting isn’t it? Stay tuned for the verdict, tomorrow!


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