Aug 21, 2010

I should get a ticket to Nokia World 2010 because..

I’m desperate! I believe I have joined every competition that Nokia have thrown just to be part of the momentous event.

Remember this?
The Makemyapp contest that gives a Nokia N8 and trip Nokia World 2010 as prize? Well I joined the competition and campaign wholeheartedly for my application idea so it could make it through the shortlist; barging my friends, asking my Billboard_Music, _NokiaN97, Nokia N82 and Scratchepad followers on Twitter, Friendster and Facebook to vote, etc. It was an intense campaign because not only that I will get a chance to participate in the Nokia World 2010 and won a Nokia N8 but rather a chance also to make a difference. The application was about Green Shopping with a purpose of giving people information/guide/help in buying/choosing products that are environment friendly. But unfortunately it didn’t make it to the final cut thus denying it’s opportunity to be created as an application, but my dream cannot be shattered by just a mere competition because I will to building a website about it and perhaps a mobile application in the future. It’s all about making a difference!

and this?

The video that I created as an entry to the #Nokiaworld competition of Ovi Blog. It took me a day and a half to create the video having a very few knowledge on video making/editing/recording. It was more of learning the basics when I created it that is why I’m very proud that I manage to come up with one. It only proves that there is no harm in trying and doing your best to attain want you want. Anyways, Congratulations to the winners!

This is my very last chance that’s why I am not hoping for anything anymore. I just want everyone to know that if there’s somebody who's gone to hell and back just to be part of Nokia World 2010… That would be me!


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