Aug 19, 2010

HTC Tattoo vs Nokia C6, Price Fight

A very interesting match up here, a far different devices verging only one common denominator, PRICE, as they are currently offered in the same selling point, PhP14,600 for the HTC Tattoo in any Globe Telecom Business Centers and Nokia C6 in any Nokia Flagship Stores around the country. Though I have to mention here that the Nokia C6 costs at around PhP13,400 outside Nokia Stores and Tattoo being exclusively sold by Globe Telecom and nowhere else.

Caution! My opinion is based only on the company’s given hardware, technical specifications, features and sample videos that can be seen in the web or in any video sharing sites. I have no hands on experience whatsoever on booth phones but I’m familiar with the Nokia C6’s UI having tried a Nokia N97 Mini device before.

Advantages against the disadvantage in every criterion mentioned and I will site winner in each. The most number of votes win!

Operating System: Android 1.6 Cup Cake vs Symbian Series 60 rel. 5 version 9.4

The HTC has a Sense UI (User Interface) on top of the Android 1.6 Cup Cake, meaning it has all the usable effects on top of the Android operating system. The 6 window active customizable homescreen with eye candy graphics brought about by the widgets on board, a single tap mechanism among other features giving a unique and satisfying experience.

The browser is very much part of this criteria having used proprietor web browsers from the Operating Systems. HTC tattoo uses an Android web browser supporting HTML and like any other Android phones, the phone has the ability to automatically adjust characters to fit the screen during zooming or changes in the screen dimension, which I very much like. But also tagged along was the rather clunky and slow interface which becomes unresponsive at times. Writing SMS is a nightmare on the tattoo especially on portrait mode, the virtual QWERTY keyboard is too small to use effectively.

The Nokia C6 on the other hand has the typical Nokia UI, the less customizable, two grid active homescreen mechanism with no 3D effects and double tap mechanism all throughout giving a bit less satisfying user experience. The browser was rather feature rich having WAP2.0x/HTML, HTML and RSS Feed support with Flash Lite 3.1 that allows youTube video watching directly from the website. It doesn’t support character adjustment unlike the Android but browsing is better on C6.

Overall, HTC offers a good impression but the Nokia C6 is more fluent and faster that’s why I choose it as the winner. I just could not stand with the lag of Tattoo in opening applications specially in writing text or SMS. Symbian is speed efficient giving a more holistic experience.


The HTC Tattoo has a compact design wrap around a solid plastic and very much customizable. Users can change the casing all they want having a removable case sled. The Nokia C6 on the other hand has a plastic outer cover but at the same time metal support giving it a more solid foundation and that is why I’m giving Nokia C6 the winning point in these criteria.

Size and Dimension

HTC Tattoo is wider having a 55.2mm width compared to the 53mm of the Nokia C6 but the later is longer with 113mm, thicker with 16.8mm against 14mm and heavier by 40 grams. The HTC Tattoo takes an easy win in these criteria.


Both phones have a resistive touchscreen and an accelerator sensor for auto-rotate but they differ in screen size with Nokia C6’s 3.2 inches screen edging the 2.8 inches of the Tattoo and a 16million color display with 360x640 pixel over the 65Thou with 240x320 pixel of Tattoo citing C6 as the champ. The difference is very much noticeable especially in screen sharpness.


The HTC offers a 250MB with 516 ROM internal memory which means the phone is very much capable in handling multitasking while the C6 have 240MB to spare yet the later could handle multitasking more efficiently than the other. Both could support microSD card but C6 has a free 2GB memory on board while the Tattoo has none. With this info, the Nokia C6 wins having a UI that utilized less memory in all its applications.


The Nokia C6 is quad band in both GSM and HSDPA while HTC only offers 900/2100 band frequency for HSPDA. HTC Tattoo is faster on 3G connection which could reach up to 7.2Mbps against 3.6Mbps of C6 but on the GPRS and EDGE, C6 takes up a faster connection. Booth phones have WIFI b/g and Bluetooth 2.0 with A2DP. Given all this info, the C6 takes up the win.


No question here, with C6 having a 5MP camera with autofocus and LED flash with the capability to take 30fps video against the 3.2MP camera with 15fps video capability of the Tattoo, Nokia C6 is on for another swift and easy win.


Both phones have merely the same feature except that the C6 has Flashlite 3.0 which could play youTube flawlessly directly from the website. HTC Tattoo has no flash player so it won’t play youTube videos. Lame! Nokia C6 wins, again!


The HTC Tattoo has a Qualcomm MSM 7225 528MHz processor against the ARM 11 434MHz of the C6 but the later reacts faster. It might be because the processor of the Tattoo is not enough to power an Android processor compared to the work efficient Symbian OS. Nokia C6 wins!


The Nokia C6 have a social networking integration, have push email via Nokia Messaging, Maps with unlimited voice guidance support, Java support, Document viewer, mechanical QWERTY keyboard among others while the HTC Tattoo has Screen quick profile switcher and Voice Memo to boast, nothing much to be topple the competition so C6 wins handily.

Battery Life

HTC Tattoo has an 1100mAh Li-Po battery, 340hours of standby time and 6.5 hours of Talk time while the Nokia C6 have 1200mHz Li-Po power source, 384hours of standby time and 7 hours of Talk time. The C6 has bigger screen that takes up more power but the Tattoo also have a bigger processor that consumes power as well. Safest choice, the Nokia C6 with a clear difference on talk time and standby time.

Customer Support (Care Centers)

Nokia have strategic Care Centers all over the country so I am assured that if anything happen to my device, I have somewhere near to bump into. Nokia also have ready to use accessories, parts and supplies to purge so Nokia C6 wins.

The Scores:

HTC Tattoo = 2 point
Nokia C6 = 10 points

And the winner under a not very obvious victory swift… Nokia C6? Yes! via landslide. I just couldn’t understand why the HTC Tattoo is being priced same to that of the Nokia C6. It’s a mismatched, the phone is nothing more than a rag compared to C6. Calling Globe Telecom or HTC Philippines, I think it would be best if the Tattoo will be sold below PhP10,00 marked, more likely as a direct competitor to the 5530 XpressMusic. It might take a change of defeating it hands down.

Then again, a reminder to my readers, buying a phone must not only include a super savvy OS or a high pixel camera; it has to be everything, the after sales support, the price, usability among others. Go for the best value device that is worthy of your hard earned money, or rather enroll to a mental hospital. No Fuss!


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