Aug 5, 2010

Nokia Story Winners for July, Declared!

The second batch of The Nokia Story winners where finally selected from more than 100 entries submitted for July earning them the Slide Styler Nokia 2220 Slide! Congratulations! c",

The winners where Janice G. Ubaldo with his masterpiece entitled "Manager on the phone" and Cathrine Mae T. Faustino with her heartwarming story "Soiled and Scratched". Both stories were inspiring and unique gaining them an edge among the rest.

The Nokia Story is a competition launched by Nokia Philippines encouraging its users to share their greatest, funniest or most interesting experiences with a Nokia mobile phone.

Contest ends by August 30 so you still have more than 3 weeks to submit your entries. Click here to join!

Anyways, here are the July winning pieces.

soiled and scratched
Catherine Mae T. Faustino

A lot of people fear having their prized gadgets soiled, scratched or dipped in water. Unlikely for me, I found my Nokia 7210 Supernova the most useful during a very gruesome event in my family's life – the tragedy brought about by Typhoon Ondoy in September 2009.

My Ate's townhouse was one of the typhoon casualties in Provident Village, Marikina – one of the areas, if not the most, heavily damaged by Ondoy. Their 3- storey house was submerged in flood water up to the second floor, leaving their house help trapped in the attic overnight all by herself and all their belongings destroyed.

Because the rest of us were saved from the tragedy, my siblings and I did everything we can to help her out throughout that week – from rescuing the yaya from the attic and taking her home, walking from Ateneo to Provident daily through knee-high floodwater and mud with our bare feet, cleaning and disinfecting the whole house, disposing what was destroyed and restoring those that we can keep. My Nokia 7210 Supernova was a witness to all these, as I used it to document every challenge that we've been through.

After each day's work, I'd upload the photos from my Nokia to my computer and start writing about our experiences and realizations. Those who have seen my pictures online were moved and inspired by our strength in overcoming the trials. We easily had friends, family and unfamiliar people who extended help physically and financially. Most of all, these made me and my sister appreciate the value of family in a whole new level. I couldn't offer her any financial help during those times, and all I could do was stay with her every day and document our daily achievements that would somehow make her feel better and assured that everything's going to be fine. And I knew I was successful in that goal, as she once commented on my last entry, “Paano na lang ako kung wala ka? (What would I be without you?)”.

Yes, we may have been soiled, scratched and thrown into deep water – my Nokia and I – but this once in a lifetime experience indeed connected people, especially us, from one heart to another.

Manager on the phone
Janice G. Ubaldo

This is another story - actually another face of my life in which my phones are my best partners - my being a manager of a retail company.
Since i became the manager of more than 30 branches of a retail store i have never live a single moment in my life with out my phones with me.
Retail management is a 24/7 job, anything can happen not only during its operation hours but also before and after - for i am concerned not only on our stores well being but on my staffs' as well.

That is the reason why i have three Nokia phones, so that in cases of emergencies, all of them, including our office staffs can have three ways to contact me, specially when am out of town. I have tried other cellphone brand once but it did not last more than 3 months due to my extreme phone usage and large phone memory requirement.

How extreme? Well, i receive more than 200 messages and send an average of 200 messages also in a day, not including the numerous incoming and outgoing calls i do to respond to all our store and staff needs.

And my phones have already helped me respond to a lot of problems - from a simple customer complaint up to road accidents and crime incidents in my more than 3 years of management.

People sometimes tease me that i seem to be a cellphone vendor because of having 3 (and one time 4 cellphones), and my friends keep on nagging me to rest and keep my phones away when am sick,on a get away (like in my uploaded pic) or sleeping, but i believe they just don't know the feeling of uneasiness when you know that something might happen and i just have to be always on call - because i am a manager.


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