Aug 2, 2010

Warning! #NokiaDATE is Dangerous to your State of Mind!

I may have only been given two opportunities by WOMWorldNokia to trial a device but I can share a story about my dose of the so called DATE, (Despair After Trial Experience) that they genius-ly created as a malign mockery of their vicious intent to make this world a difficult place to live. Anyways here is my dramatic story ala Jersey Shores!

It was November 2009 when I got an email from the legendary Phat^Trance of informing me that a Nokia N97 Mini trial device is on my way from WOMWorldNokia as a prize for having written the craziest reason why I should be trialing the device. It was totally unexpected giving me a thrill of a lifetime since it will be my first and that the phone is no less than my dream phone. After the hysteria brought about by the email comes anticipation out of excitement, then sleepless nights as a result of anxiety having to prove WOMWorldNokia and other people that I deserve the prize, and then the weird day/night dreams as an effect of my subconscious lust like Jersey Shores writers!

Then came the day that I have been waiting for, a call from DHL asking me to pick up a package from the UK because they cannot locate my address, good for them! A mad dash to DHL office followed and the historic meet and great. The phone was so beautiful and shiny that I want everyone to know that I am holding one by showing it intentionally to every possible human being I meet. It wasn’t love and first site that I felt that time, but happiness and contentment, as if I was living a wonderful and meaningful life, as if I own the world!

Then came an email from WOMWorldNokia 4 days after reminding me that my trial ends in 2 days and that the DHL dude would pick it up the day after. Yes, it was preposterous because WOMWorldNokia folks doesn’t know basic Math ala Jersey Shores casts! How did the 14-days trial as stipulated in the Contract became 6 days? This lead me to seek legal counsel from my lawyers then send WOMWorldNokia a reply refuting it to the highest intent, that I still have 10 days to go before they could send the DHL Terminator dude and destroy my world.

Even if they rescheduled the pickup date, it was like a major blow on my part since I have to prepare myself for the inevitable. What’s so sad about it was the reality that once the phone was returned, I would never be able to use it again since I cannot afford to buy one. This would mean goodbye to owning the world, goodbye to happy days and goodbye to meaningful life. I even wished that it didn’t happen so I wouldn’t be subjected again to the pain of parting ways, please don’t ask why!

Anyways, the day did come as well as the doom. It was like part of me died again, it’s definitely not my heart because it already died a year ago (maybe my brain?), that I don’t want to go to work that day and just cursed my low paying job and Nokia for tagging the phone too expensively and out of reached. I even beg Nokia to lower the phones price down that time so it can compete aggressively but nothing happened. Told you my brain died!

“Denial Phase” followed after the separation and so I’m still telling everyone on twitter that I’m using the N97 Mini. The typical “I love twitting on the N97 Mini!” message still flies around a week after, no frills. The imaginary playing with the non-existing phone also propped up, sliding and swiping every stuffs I got hold into, nothing much of a difference from people going nuts in Jersey Shores!

Then came “Acceptance” basking on hope and prayer that one day Nokia will drop the price to half from the original. Visiting mobilephone shops and asking about its price even became my passion and obsession, yet after 7 months of countless shop visits, the phone is still too expensive to own, the agonizing, unforgiving and unfortunate truth. I am still far-fetched to relieving my dream life.

So how much longer do I have to suffer to be able to live a happy and meaningful life again? I leave that up for WOMWorldNokia to answer…

(P.S. I don’t unboxed stuffs and post it on youTube but I boxed stuffs and give it to people so it will be posted in their hearts. It’s how I make a difference in this cruel world!)


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