Sep 18, 2010

Certified Nokia World 2010 Virtual Attendee

Hours before the Nokia World 2010 event, a DHL package arrived in my doorstep from WOMWorld Nokia, a big surprise I would say because they did not send any eMail as they usually do when packages are sent on the way.

What’s more boggling about it was the stuffs inside a well printed black bag, there was a T-shirt with a Nokia World 2010 event printed, a Nokia Virtual ID badge, a the 3D glass, and an instruction to check my email for surprising details on the day of the event. I was really curious of the 3D glass because it would mean something big is going on and that they want me to be part of a unique experience.

And yes… it was huge because it came out to be an all access backstage pass that only we, the chosen few can access. A big thank you to WOMWorld Nokia, it was a twisted blasting experience! They really took an effort to prepare something for us, big hug to everyone in WOMWorld!

So what was the backstage all about, hhmmm? As much as I would love to share every possible info in here, I live this up for myself. As wicked as it maybe, I want everyone else to wonder and figure out what’s going on behind the backstage door. Haha!

Then again, thank you WOMWorld Nokia! Please include me in the waiting lists for Symbian^3 trial devices! I would love to try them all specially the C6-01 and N8. ;)


I loved the N8 which they revealed in this event.

I love the N8 too dude, Im saving every penny I got for it c",

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