Sep 17, 2010

Thoughts, Nokia World 2010

Hours before the mobilephone event of the year, I posted an article about the possible scenario after Nokia World 2010, will it be a hit or a miss, will it shocked or frustrate… 2 days after all the chaos, buzz, intrigue, silent confrontation, etc., I could say that it say that its 80:20, 80 being shocked and 20 being frustrated.

Hit Shock

- It’s fair to say that Nokia did an excellent job in the overall presentation, the opening video salvo that combines 3 huge screens showing the direction of the company and its role in the future, that was breathtaking! If I was amaze by that video on a livestream, how much more if I’m in that room, it would perhaps be a spectacular experience. Coming up with supporting videos, mini movies and images that were captured or filmed in their phones was an excellent move, those were the fruits of hardwork and dedications from the people behind the event, they were more than prepared and I applaud that.

- FYI information’s and tidbits being announced every now and then like the number of downloads on Ovi Store per hours for instance, these are revelations that were unnoticed by the media who were blinded with the hype caused by competitors. Having all this info’s known, I think competitors will have to think twice before boasting anything.

- Nokia coming up with a very competitive powerful smartphones is a big hit specially that it targets areas where the company is strongest. The business and enterprise market with the Nokia E7, the ultimate business smartphone, the mid-tier market with the Nokia C7, the stylish, superfast and supersocial phone and last but not the least, the Nokia C6-01, the cheapest and the best value smartphone in the market at the moment. I am confident to say that these phones are the strongest in their bracket and I congratulate Nokia research team for a job well done.

- ClearBlack display (CBD) technology is a dope! It made the competitors screen look dull and boring. If you try to compare say the HTC phone hands on devices posted on youTube after their launching event and Nokia phones with CBD, the difference is remarkable.

- And speaking about HTC, the silent confrontation between HTC and Nokia is a big hit, it showed the ingenuity of Nokia people in crushing the competitors in their dirty game. When HTC send a bus to the event location of Nokia to fetch press people, red balloons and press kit with nasty stuff inside flew around and given to people who transferred to the HTC event… classic move, unexpected and hilarious!

- Nokia showing big love to developers is a huge hit. These people were the future of the company and their cooperation is critically important to their success.

- Coming up with a service program that helps small businesses around the world market promote their products is a huge hit, not only that it will create a healthy market environment, it will help Nokia stabilize their mapping service.

Mess Frustration

- Nokia failing to address the Operating System attack frustrates. With Apple and Android catching up in the smartphone market, it would have been best if Nokia did its best in coming up with an OS that will outshine both. It would have been best if Symbian^4or Meego was fast track. The Symbian^3 start up notion was okay, everything starts somewhere but it would have been better if Nokia will bullishly strive for Symbian^4 or Meego.

- I would have loved to see more add on features for Symbian^3 like the live wallpapers and 3D effects all over. What Symbian^3 lacks against iOS or Android is only these features, how hard could that be? I believe this could be enhance on Symbian^3, maybe a 3rd party application that could be installed to bring this feature to the system?

- I would have loved to see Nokia announcing more Ovi services or expanding their existing services to other countries. Ovi Unlimited Music maybe in the Philippines, paid apps to be offered in the local Ovi Store portal, Movies being sold on Ovi among others.

- I would have loved to see E7 with a 1Ghz processor, it might not be as obvious but the phone logs a bit. It’s not as fluid or as fast as the other high end phones. Yes it’s not marketed to be a geek’s dream phone but for business minded individual, but would it be better if it does?

So, how about you? What grade will you give to the recently concluded Nokia World 2010? Feel free to comment below!


E7 and N8 steal the show in this event. Awesome mobiles.


The two phones are the best of its class c", Camera/Entertainment phone for N8, Business phone for E7

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