Sep 7, 2010

The Last Airbender, Fast Track

Must have something to do with being used to the TV series where every element of a good story was integrated having a long playing time that I was a bit frustrated with how the Book One of Avatar, The Last Airbender came out. It was generally fast track that almost all the stuffs and the scenes that I like we’re gone. The story even came out confusing to newbie’s point of view... how could they fail to give justice to a great story such as this one?

First and foremost, it wasn’t well explained how the Fire Nation came into power, how the Fire Nation grouped terror to the 4 nation, how they manage to defeat the equally powerful Air Nomads, why the guardians of the Air Temple forcibly announce the next Avatar even if he was still a child that lead him to escaped and vanished, how vulnerable the Avatar is in his current condition, how Prince Zuko managed to track the Avatar, how funny Sakka was, etc. The movie somehow failed in extracting the emotion of the characters and how they became who they are.

Second, the action scenes with breathtaking special effects weren’t there! The movie will supposed to have great fight scenes conjoining the effects brought about by the 4 elements, Fire, Water, Air and Earth but it wasn’t as impressive as it seemed. It’s like they limit the special effects so it won’t cause much denying the extent of what would scenes would have been. It’s like I enjoy the fight scenes of the cartoon series more than in the movie when it’s suppose to be the other way around.

Third, the soundtrack and the background music support! In the TV series, it amplifies every scenario whenever it may be, fight scenes, suspense, drama, etc. The movie failed to use the music effects as if they purposely eliminate it to accelerate scenes. It was like watching a fast forward nightmare!

Though I have give credit to some actors portraying important characters. Avatar Aang for instance was nicely portrayed by Noah Ringer who was naturally borne martial artists minus the fun and innocence of the original character. Prince Zuko was carried out satisfactorily by Dev Patel, he naturally posses those anger that the character exhaust. I wonder if he really does hate the world around him. Worst portrayal, Uncle Iroh who was suppose to be a wise brilliant and calm warrior but was totally unnoticed in the movie and Sokka, a disaster portrayal by Jackson Rathbone who totally erase the humor of the character. Maybe it was the writers choice to eliminate the fun part of Sokka and they made the biggest mistake of their life!

Okay, I could go on and on detailing the failure of the movie but there is nothing that can be done. I suggest M. Night Shyamalan has to fire his writers and hire capable ones who can translate the Book Two better. It is one of the most important part of the trilogy, the Ba Sing Se, solid earth bending, Torph among other awesome characters and fight scenes. I would love to see grand scenes next time, a great storyline (more character driven), longer playing time (2.30 minutes will do), earth shattering special effects of course and tons of fun! Please, I beg you, M. Night!


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