Sep 20, 2010

Nokia BH-905i, The Ultimate Bluetooth Stereo Headset

It seems that Nokia is not stopping in doling out Ultimate products, this time an Ultimate Bluetooth Stereo Headset, the Nokia BH-905i. This is an update to the highly acclaimed and highly rated BH-905, my dream headset that I cannot afford. Well if Nokia release it here in the Philippines, I would have find way to purchase one. ;)

The Ultimate Key Features

• Active noise cancellation technology: patented, multi-microphone, feed-forward active noise cancellation technology for crystal clear audio or pure silence.
• Music: tune your wireless music with new bass booster and stereo widening audio features.
• Communication: 2 noise cancelling microphones capturing speech enable clear communication even in noisy environments. New VoIP adapter for Voice over IP calls included.
• Wide compatibility: Can be used with any compatible music player at home, when travelling or on the go, wirelessly or with wire.
Operating Times

• Bluetooth: Talk time up to 24 hours, Music playback up to 25 hours (I love this!)
• Bluetooth and active noise cancellation: Talk time up to 15 hours, Music playback up to 16 hours
• Wired connection and active noise cancellation: Music playback for up to 40 hours
• Hands-free phone calls and listening to music is possible even with empty battery (this is crazy real)
• Standby time: Bluetooth: Up to 600 hours
Technical Profile

Noise reduction: Up to 99 %
Speaker drivers: 32mm high performance drivers
Speaker impedance: 32 ohm
Frequency response: 15Hz to 20kHz
Speech audio: 2 noise cancelling microphones for capturing speech
Dimensions: 190 mm x 140 mm x 35 mm
(Length x Width x Thickness) Folded flat
Weight: 167 g
Battery: Li-ion Polymer Rechargeable, Battery 600 mAh
Charging time: Up to 2 hours
Operating range: Up to 10 meters with Bluetooth


• Universal compatibility with devices supporting wireless Bluetooth technology: Bluetooth
Specification 2.1 + EDR, Headset Profile (HSP) 1.2, Hands-Free Profile (HFP) 1.1, Advanced Audio Distribution Profile (A2DP) 1.2 and Audio/Video, Remote Control Profile (AVRCP) 1.0
• All Nokia devices with 3.5 mm Nokia AV
• With supplied add-on adapters: All Nokia devices with 2.5mm Nokia AV, music players, PCs and other devices with standard 3.5mm jack, home stereos with


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