Sep 21, 2010

Nokia Charging Plate DT-600

If you have more than one device that needs charging all at the same time due to perhaps a huge household occupancy or you just happen to be the type of person who use several device like me, then worry no more, Nokia has come up with a simple yet workable solution for your problem with Nokia CT-600 Charging plate.

Product Overview

• Enjoy the life with full battery. Nokia Charging Plate DT-600 is an efficient charger for the devices you use in your life. Charge up to five devices simultaneously with top class charging efficiency and speed.
• Turn off the power and leave the tray plugged in all the time without any power consumption. Charge with style, without cable mess. Replace five chargers with one – say goodbye to chargers and wires lying around.


Compatible with hundreds of devices
• Nokia 2 mm charging interface
• MicroUSB charging interface; the standardized charging interface for mobile devices
• USB charging interface with six additional USB chargers

Technical Profile

Connectors /Output Current
(1) Nokia 2mm charging interface / 890mA
(2) Nokia 2mm charging interface / 890mA
(3) Micro USB / 1200mA
(4) USB / 1200mA
(5) USB / 1200mA

Stand by power consumption
• Power OFF - No standby consumption
• Power ON, no load - < 30 mW (5 star) each connector / < 150 mW in total (4 star)

USB chargers & data cable - USB to microUSB USB to miniUSB

USB chargers: microUSB, USB to LG, USB to SonyEricsson, USB to Samsung 1, USB to Samsung 2

Power Cable: E and X plugs

Operating temperature: -5°C … +45°C

Dimensions: - 175 mm x 175 mm x 35 mm / 6.88 x 6.88 x 1.37 inch (Length x Width x Thickness)

Weight: 600g

Color: Ice

Sales Package Content

• Nokia Charging Plate DT-600
• Nokia Connectivity Cable CA-167 (USB to microUSB)
• Nokia Connectivity Cable CA-168 (USB to miniUSB)
• Nokia Charger via USB port CA-173 (USB to Samsung 1)
• Nokia Charger via USB port CA-174 (USB to Samsung 2)
• Power Cable (E or X)
• Nokia Charger via USB port CA-169 (USB to LG)
• Nokia Charger via USB port CA-170 (USB to SonyEricsson)

Head over to the nearest Nokia Flagship Store to purchase! Buy Original of course!


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