Sep 28, 2010

Stuffs You Might Not Know About Nokia N8

It’s not very obvious that I’m excited about Nokia N8 because I only just read the phones manual for God’s sake and found out few information’s that were quite a revelation. I maybe the first person on the world who have read the manual... as if I can afford to buy one. ;)

1. Antennagate!
Avoid touching the antenna area unnecessarily while the antenna is transmitting or receiving. Contact with antennas affects the communication quality and may cause a higher power level during operation and may reduce the battery life. (The antenna's location were the darkly shaded parts of the picture and would not cause any iPhone 4-like problem in my opinion! ;)

2. Ovi Suite installer is saved inside the phone eliminating the CD, just attached the phone to the pc via USB. (Great idea! Go Green!)

3. You can merge two contacts into one. Select Options > Merge contacts, select the contacts to merge, and select Merge.

4. Send your contact information using My Card
My card is your electronic business card. With My card, you can send your contact information to others.
a. Select Menu > Contacts.
b. Send your contact information as a business card
c. Select and hold My card, and from the pop-up menu, select Send as business card.
d. Edit your contact information in My Card
e. Select My card, and the detail to edit.
(What’s new about this? My Card!)

5. View a conversation
When you open a received message from the home screen, by default, the message opens in the Conversations view. If you want messages to open in the Inbox view, select Options > Message view > Inbox. (Nice One!)

6. Flip Silent
When you receive a call and you are in the middle of the conversation or a meeting, turn the phone upside down to silent it.

7. Listen to a text message
You can set your device to read your text messages aloud.
1 Select Menu > Messaging.
2 Select Inbox.
3 Select and hold a message, and from the pop-up menu, select Listen.
Select Menu > Settings > Phone > Speech.

8. Social
With the Social application, you can enhance your social networking experience. When signed in to social networking services through Ovi by Nokia, you can do the following:
• See your friends' status updates from multiple services in one view
• Post your own status update to multiple services at the same time
• Instantly share pictures you take with the camera
• Link your online friends' profiles to their contact information in your device
• Add your location information to your status update
• Add events from the service calendar to your device calendar

See your friends' status updates in one view
When you are signed in to social networking services through the Social application, you can see your friends' status updates from all those services in a single view. You do not have to switch between different applications to see what everyone is up to.

8. Translate words from one language to another
You can translate words from one language to another using the phones Dictionary application.

9. Back up files
Want to make sure that you will not lose any important files? You can back up the device memory to a compatible computer or memory card.

Select Menu > Applications > Office > File mgr. and Backup.

It is recommended that you back up the device memory regularly to a compatible computer or memory card.

Tip: If you have DRM-protected content, use Nokia Ovi Suite to back up both the licences and the content to your computer.

Do not format the mass memory using PC software, because it may cause degraded performance.

10. Lock your device remotely
Forgot your device at work and want to lock it to prevent unauthorized use? You can lock your device remotely using a predefined text message. You can also lock the memory card remotely.

11. If your device stops responding
Reboot your device. Press and hold the switch key for about 8 seconds. The device vibrates three times and switches off. Press the switch of the device on again to turn it on. (Hhhmm? So the phone still hangs? Every phone does!)

There you go! The Nokia N8 peeled and discovered... All I need is the device (?!) and I'm ready to go.


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