Sep 30, 2010

Touch and Type Head On: Nokia X3-02 vs Nokia C3-01

Nokia made a huge shake up in the entry level mid range when they introduce the Touch and Type series of devices, mobile phones that combines touchscreen and mechanical QWERTY keyboard into one slim and stylish feature-rich gadget. Who would have thought that a touchscreen that needs finger accuracy could be relatively feasible with a limited 2.4inch screen and thin dimension?

I have to mention that my comparison is based only on the company’s given hardware and technical specifications, features and sample videos that can be seen in the web or in any video sharing sites. I have no hands on experience whatsoever on all of the aforementioned devices.

Design and Style: Nokia X3-02 is more attractive than Nokia C3-01 in my opinion but the latter have a more familiar keypad set up rather than the left sided space bar and character buttons of the Nokia X3-02. The C3-01 has a less cramp mechanical buttons but the Nokia X3-02 have more shortcut buttons specially for the music player. Given all this differences, strong and weak points, I would sight Nokia X3-01 as the overall winner in this area base on usability. I prefer to go for devices that could give me easy access to all important applications specially music and email app.

Size and Display: Both phones have the same screen size of 2.4 inches and color resolution of 16million but with a huge difference in size and weight. Nokia C3 has 111 x 47.5 x 11mm dimension with 100grams weight compared to the 106.2 x 48.4 x 9.6mm and a 77.4 grams weight making the latter a clear edge over the other. Nokia X3-02 wins by a huge mark.

Memory: Nothing much of differences in here as well, both have 64MB RAM and 128MB ROM, good enough to run the Symbian 40 Operating System and could support up to 32GB of memory card. They only differ in the internal memory where Nokia X3-02 has 50MB compared to the C3-01’s 30MB making the X3-02 the winner of these criteria.

Connectivity: Both Identical from Quad band network coverage, type and speed (fastest in mobilephones so far) of GPRS, about 32-48kbps, EDGE of 236.8kbps, 3G HSDPA of 10.2Mbps and HSUPA of 2Mbps, Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n to Bluetooth which is v2.1.

Camera: Very identical as well, 5MP with 2592 x 1944 pixels and LED flash edging only on video capture where Nokia X3-02 could support as much as 18 frames per second. As little as it may seemed but with a head-on this close, smallest difference matters so Nokia X3-02 wins!

Features: All the same features, video player that supports MP4, H.263, H.264, WMV, music player that supports MP3, WAV, WMA, eAAC+ files, Flash Lite 3.0, Social Apps, Messaging and Email, Stereo FM with RDS, Voice Memo, Organizer, 3.5mm audio jack, among others.

Battery Life: Run away win of Nokia C3-01 with 1050mAh Li-Ion compared to 860mAh of X3-02. Standby time of C3-01 could reach up to 440 hours on 2G and 410 on 3G and Talk time of 5hours.

Price: Nokia X3-02 has a cheaper price announcement of PhP8,000 (135Euro) while the Nokia C3-01 cost at about PhP8595 (145Euro) before tax and subsidies. Nokia X3 takes another point win!

Final Score:
Nokia X3-02 = 7 points
Nokia C3-01 = 3 points

Nokia X3-02 Touch and Type marks a huge win against the competition! As much as Nokia distinctly specify that both phones are offered to different segments in low mid range market, fact still remains that the two phones were similar and will compete in both ways. Nokia C3-01 marketed as a stylish phone will attract music enthusiast as well as X3-02, a music phone, attracting the style conscious buyers. It just so happened that the Nokia X3-02 has an advantage over the C3-01 so I give it my thumbs up.


nice comparision, fancied an X3 ever since its realease stylish too..

thanks for your advice!!!!!!

c3-01 have flash on camera and x3-02 doesnt have

Nice blogs
thank for sharing information.

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