Oct 18, 2010

Nokia N8 First Dose, Euphoric

Morphin, haven’t tried… Ecstasy, haven’t tried rather but more or less, holding a Nokia N8 in the hand could be describe with such trance for being the best and the most well crafted mobilephone I have ever hold and tried so far.

The phone is just outstanding, the built quality is superb, the anodized aluminum case gives a secure impact, it feels very solid and robust, fits perfectly in my hand with its thin dimension and curve sides and my fingers could reach the left/right end border without a sweat that I can easily use the phone with one hand, on a day to day basis, when I’m on the street or everywhere else. It feels like the phone was perfectly created and tailored for me and my needs.

The design is outstanding; it’s very attractive, looks very pleasant in the eye specially the silver coat bordering the rifts of the camera, volume rocker and camera module at the back while the single button at the bottom gives a neat appeal overall.

With mobilephones as my passion, I have tried and hold almost every possible device in the market and there was none of them that can match the impression I get with the N8.

I'm not very much a big fan though with the connector covers, removing and returning it is not that easy. Reminds me of the slide cover of the Samsung Galaxy S, I wish Nokia could imitate it.

Some of the High Dose images

and stay tuned for my Nokia N8 Daily Chronicle and my Full Review!


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