Oct 19, 2010

The Nokia N8 Chronicle Day 1, Fiesta

Another lucky streak I would say, 8 days before the launching event here in the Philippines and I got to hold and enjoy the most powerful camera phone in the world, the Nokia N8.

10:00 hours, UTC/GMT 8+, September 16, 2010

I got a text message from Gretchen of DHL Ozamis informing me that a package had arrived. I knew it was my trial Nokia N8 since I have been tracking it for the last 3 days. I was more of a breather since I finally got a delivery arrival notice after more than 100 clicks on the DHL tracking link. :D

11:00 hours, UTC/GMT 8+, September 16, 2010

I got to see and hold the phone for the first time at the DHL office, showing it off to Gretchen who was equally as excited as I am that time. From the looks of it alone and how it feels so great to hold, I know I am completely sold out on the phone. As I mentioned in my first dose article, it was nearly perfect hardware-wise and I feels like it was specifically created for me.

It was even more captivating when I get to turn it on. The screen is just glorious to look at with its AMOLED technology and wide screen. The phone was very responsive to my taps and everything seemed to work instantly. Being a phone with a 12MP camera, I was very much excited on how it works that I took my very first picture inside the DHL office itself to see how good it was and just the way I expected it to be, the image came out perfect, natural color tone and sharpness, crisp and clear details.

11:30 hours, UTC/GMT 8+, September 16, 2010

Took the phone to a nearby Mister Donuts store for a WIFI access but they seemed to have lost a flare for avid customers as they are now asking for a 50 peso minimum purchase before doling out access codes. Preposterous I would say, it’s like forcing people to buy stuffs just for the sake of a WIFI access, where is the freedom of choice here? But anyways, thinking that it would probably be the last time that I’m going to visit the shop, I just stayed for a while and connect to the web through Smart 3.5G internet access. I’m sure glad that I did because I just discovered how fast and stable the connection was for the first time. It was like being connected to a WIFI myself that I didn’t have problems at all in downloading phone updates, setting up Ovi Store and installing my favorite applications. Took my first tweet then to announce to the world that I got the most anticipated phone in the mobilephone world in my very hand, the classic me!

13:00 hours, UTC/GMT 8+, September 16, 2010

Got home and show the phone to my family and as I expected, the phone got a wonderful feedback from everyone who saw and got hold into it. I also took a few shoots revealing more of its camera prowess. Indoor shoots were also superb, xenon flash works its way up producing more colorful and vivid pictures. It was so far the best indoor shoots I ever made on a mobilephone, hands down.

14:00 hours, UTC/GMT 8+, September 16, 2010

Charge the phone in preparation for the dinner invite that I got from one of my peer at work. I also wasted no time familiarizing the phones features and installed apps.
The video playback was simply amazing, got to watch uploaded Tron trailers without a hitched, the sound quality was superb and it showed a full screen video easily becoming the ultimate movie experience I got so far on a phone. I also played a DivX/Xvid format movie from my memory card and it played flawlessly well making me the happiest person alive… seriously, I love movies and I love watching them on my smallish screen N82 before, so it was a defining moment, no kidding!

16:00 hours, UTC/GMT 8+, September 16, 2010

Pull the plug off and head over to our assembly point for the fiesta invite. Took the phone out and everybody just grinned over, captivating everyone’s attention. Beautiful phone is the least description they could think off especially after I start shooting pictures as they bear witness to the performance of the best camera phone they could ever imagine. It was even better than a Samsung 12MP stand alone camera that was also use that time, that’s according to people’s feedback. It was nonetheless the star of the occasion next to the food earning accolades left and right.

Dinner then followed as well as my hyper acidity as I was able to consume softdrinks and sweets more than my limit. It foiled the moment a bit but I was able to pull back the rest of the night.

Summed Up:

Nothing much actually, the phone just made me swear 100 times that I must buy one as soon as possible by hook or by crook. I just have to own one or I die a thousand death! :D

Nokia N8 Images of the Day!


I just noticed that you posted this on September 16, 2010 -- way before its official launching in the Philippines.

How did you get a trial version of the N8? Just curious..

Hi there c", GLEE

Yup I got the phone 1 week before the Sept 12 launching date.

Some cool people from WOMWorld Nokia let be borrowed one.

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