Apr 6, 2011

Greenbelt opens 24/7 on Ovi Store!

Love shopping at the Greenbelt Mall? Its open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with an application specially created to provide important information you need to know around the mall.

Feel free to inquire about movies currently showing at Greenbelt 1 and 3 cinemas, know there screening times and admission price.

Wanting to know the events going on inside the mall? The application can give you the answer. Know the updated calendar lists of the malls activities, jazz concerts, mini shows and a whole lot more! With the Greenbelt application, you won’t miss a single happening.

The Dining category gives you the complete lists of restaurants, bars and coffee shops around the mall. It will show its location and contact number. Not quite of an info here, it would have been a lot better if it has a bit of description like the type foods that can be found on the food shops, there specialty and specially the price.

Know the fun side of the mall via its Entertainment category. Though what was listed currently is only Timezone, I’m sure the brilliant people behind the app will update this. There were tons of fun stuffs to do inside the mall, right?

Shopping, the endless occurrence of human wants and desires! The applications list all the stores and shops they can access. Just like the dining category, the application only shows location and phone number, it has no description as to the type of goods they are selling or the type of store they are. This needs a lot of improvement!

Then best of all, Promo, my only category of concern of them all. Who wouldn’t want to know the happenings that would let you know the best offers and deals around the mall!

Quite handy isn’t it? You can download the Greenbelt application at Ovi Store FREE! CLICK HERE


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