Apr 5, 2011

Nokia C7 First Impression: Shiny, Sexy Thin

The look says it all and the grasp to concur, the Nokia C7 is a shinny, sexy thin unlike no other that I’ve seen and hold so far!
Maybe I still have an upshot of Nokia E7’s simple looks and wide dimension and size but really, I find the phone unusually attractive with its shimmering reflective front panel and sexy slim facet with all the curves that befits the eye and the hand. Its drop dead gorgeous to look at and hold with its glossy menorah of metal strip covering the sides and the back battery cover. It’s also lightweight that you begin to wonder its intricate engineering, how a powerful device fits and weights into a thin light dimension.

The screen though was a bit smallish compared to the 4inches Nokia E7 with Nokia C7 having only a 3.5 and it’s not as sharp and colorful without the latter’s Clear Black Display (CBD) but don’t get me wrong here, it’s still beautiful to stare upon with its AMOLED screen thechnology. On the other side, its smallish screen suits me more because of my smallish fingers. I don’t get accidental presses anymore because I can arc my thumb finger better in reaching far end left/right icons.

So far, so good, I’m very happy with the phone but I’m beginning to miss the mechanical QWERTY keyboard of Nokia E7. Let see how it works out as the day’s progress. I will be testing the phone to the fullest and give you feedbacks every now and then, as for now, enjoy this very first images of the stylish crowner.


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