Apr 25, 2011

Its official, I’m now a proud owner of a Lust Green Nokia N8

After a few months of mind struggle, thorough deliberation and budget battle, a sexy and gorgeous Green Nokia N8 finally made its way home and become the blogs official snapper. It’s been awhile that my trusty Nokia N82 was sold to a new owner leaving the blog camera-less, now its successor had arrived with vengeance, a very, very, very worthy one!

Okay, I did not buy the phone because it’s obvious that I can’t afford. It was given to me by Ovi by Nokia and WOMWorld Nokia via Ovi Gaming Night, an event were the coolest people in the Nokia community gathered to relax and enjoy. They actually posted a video on it (video below), I wish I could join them next time! c”, Again, a huge thank you to everyone who made this possible, the blessing came at the right time at the right place.

It was an unexpected turn of event as I am pose to buy an alternative phone to the Nokia N8, I was planning to buy the fashionable Nokia C7 which is around PhP15,900 that's around PhP6,000 or (150$) cheaper or the Nokia C6-01, the petite Clear Black Display charmer which is around PhP7,000 (170$) cheaper , both minus the powerful 12MP Carl Zeiss camera, Xenon Flash, Autofocus , Anodized Aluminum, well engineered built quality among other stuffs that made the Nokia N8 a legend, now I don’t have to worry about giving up these stuffs anymore and instead enjoy them to the fullest.

What to expect? Nokia N8 domination of the blog from now on, I will be sharing a lot of stuffs about it and would perhaps continue the unfinished challenges that I have started when I got a trial device last December 2010. As funny as it may seemed, I have not published continuation articles of challenges I started because I already need to return the phone back. Now I know, it wasn’t meant to be done because it wasn’t the right time, call that fate!

A huge relief! Wow! Really, Nokia N8… I thought the phone will remain a dream, now I will be living the dream. c”,


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