May 19, 2011

Nokia N9, The Most Awaited Meego!

It has not been officially announced by Nokia yet but it seems that a new phone with a Meego operating system is prepping its way out to the world via a video revealed by Pocketnow website. Then again, Nokia still failed to control these leaks which could have been avoided if they did something about it or it could either be planned to create hype and excitement which is by the way very effective since its been a top topic from tech blogs and sites around the world.

Well, the phone dubbed Nokia N9 is indeed a promising device, its got the highly controversial Meego operating system which was rhetorically labelled abandoned by tech writers but its not since Nokia is continuously developing it, its got a faster and smoother interface than the current Symbian^3, its got a sliding full QWERTY keyboard, its got a camera specs same to that of Nokia N8, 12MP Carl Ziess camera, 28mm wide-angle lens and an aperture of F2.8, autofocus except that it will have a dual LED Flash in lieu with the Xenon and its got a wider screen.

I'm really excited on this phone, if it will indeed be announce. Its been a while since Nokia was talking about Meego and its development and how they call it before a system to reckon in the future. Im interested in finding the following stuffs, if it will fit to the description, if it will continuously evolved, if it will gain traction and best of all, if it will outshine Windows 7 operating system.

Let the Operating System begins! c",


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