May 20, 2011

Apps created via Ovi App Wizard, To Be Improved!

A new user experience for Ovi App Wizard created WRT apps is on the way promising a faster and enjoyable experience for consumers to navigate favorite contents in a Nokia S60 version 5.0 and Symbian^3 device.

Enhanced user experience includes:

- Spotlight promotion for first article
- New content navigation menu allowing more space for content
- Full screen view of rich media
- Easy-to-use buttons to share content with friends
- Story pagination at each article

All new Ovi app wizard WRT apps will automatically be created with the new design for existing ones and will be automatically upgraded in the coming weeks.

Visit App Wizard Website to create your own apps with improved features and design today.

Click Here if you want to download the Scratch e-Pad WRT app!

Now and Soon!


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