Jun 26, 2011

Ovi Store Wont Work After A Hard Reset On Your Nokia N8? Try This!

It all started when I downloaded and installed an application in Ovi Store called Sketch Me. The app did something to my precious Nokia N8 that I can't anymore open Application folder in the Menu after the installation and that every time I tried to do so, the phone restarts. Everything is working though except this but since I got a lot of important apps on the Application folder that I cannot access, I have to find way to restore it.

And so I uninstall the app via Settings and reboot the phone but it didn't work. I decided then to do a soft reset via *#7370# but it also didn't help so have no choice but to do a hard reset using the *#7370#.

Everything seemed restored after the hard reset except Ovi Store which won't open after installation. After a few reboot, nothing happend so I decided to look for solutions on Goggle only to find out that it's the most common problem encountered by users after the reset. Well a lot of solutions were presented though via Nokia Support Discussion page but its more complicated that I expected it to be like the need to intall QT package on PC, etc. but most of them didn't solve my problem.

So here is what I did.

1. I did another hard reset of the phone since I cannot stand using the phone without Ovi Store.
2. After the reset, I downloaded and installed the latest Ovi Store version which as prompted after clicking the store icon.
3. Tough after installation and just like what happened on my first hard reset, the store still didn't work, so I decided to give it a quit and just bring the phone to Nokia Care for reflashed.
5. As I restore the phones set up from Contacts to Calendars, I visited Nokia Beta Labs to download Nokia Bubble and Nokia Sleeping Screen. It so happen that I got a glimpse of the CNN app and decided to download and install it as well.
6. Then came a huge surprise, after installing CNN which by the way installed 5 supporting apps on the background, my Ovi Store worked again unexpectedly like holy cow bells. Must have something to do with the supporting apps it installed on the phone. I suspect Ovi Store needs these QT support apps to work and luckily CNN installed them by chance.

Well it does really pay to read news, don't they?

At the moment, I'm still trying to recover everything I lost after the hard reset, a few apps was lost like the free games, my downloaded maps and a few promotional videos and images pre-installed. No matter, as long as Ovi Store is back, I can recover them as easy as ABC.

So there you go folks, hope this method works for you. c",


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