Jun 27, 2011

Super 8, The Movie Review

When I first heard about this movie, I thought the shitty Korean Pop (K-Pop) boybands/girlbands, which does terrible singing and stupendous dancing, have already invaded Hollywood but good to know that I was wrong at the same time right.

Wrong because the movie is produce by a legendary Hollywood director, Steven Spielberg and directed by the cunning J.J. Abrams of Star Trek lauding a very interesting Trailer that will make you say, hey I want to watch that movie! On the other hand, I was right because just like the shitty K-Pop, the movie was as bad making you wonder if Spielberg is now a Korean since he thought of producing the crappy movie.

First and foremost, the movie has a terrible, headache inducing story that will make feel delirious because you keep on wondering why things happened the way they are foretold. Okay the story was about an alien with a massive size and strength, who happens to be a prisoner of the US government and was helped by a scientist to escape by blowing a massive transport train. What so stupid about the story, the trains total wreckage against the colliding truck, the alien’s strength that could be compared to a dinosaur who could have escape anytime from the prison they are keeping him, the aliens spaceship that could have easily been rebuild since its self-assembling, among the rest of the sensible conditions deliberately neglected by the writers just to make the story long so it could fit into a full length movie.

Second, the movie had stupid scenarios that I just cannot take like when the army bombarded the town shooting their guns, tanks, missiles and cannons everywhere, even to themselves. It was like holy crap, did the alien have telepathic power to influence people’s mind, why are they shooting one another?

Third, the actors on the movie except the kids were terrible specially Ron Eldard, the father of Alice who has no effort in his performance. Kyle Chadler on the other hand was overacting at times that it looks awkward to watch. Now the kids where fine specially the fat one who manage to give justice to his role as a budding director. Elle Fanning on the other hand was also good but not as funny and cute like the the zombie kid and the vomiting geek.

Some good parts in the movie, J.J. Abrams’s way of exaggerating scenarios like the train incident where he totally blew everything away to madness. It was awesome seeing the train crash and burn throwing away everything in the air. That was very cool and I was totally sold out because of the clean special effects. He also tried to make the actions close to the character as possible that viewers can feel the thrill up close.

I also like the director’s idea of focusing the story on kids especially that it encourages young people at the moment to do the same and be creative. It’s like implying a lesson that kids can do these stuffs and that they can make a difference out of it. I never thought young kids like they are had an idea to film, all I do when I was in there age was eat and play.

And of course I cannot give you my views on cinematography, lights, sounds among the films other technicalities because that’s up to the academy to decide. What I can do at the moment is gauge the film in terms of entertainment and value for the money …and I would say yes for entertainment if you just want a movie that will tickle a bit of your funny bones with hilarious punch lines and scenes at the same time awe you a bit with some graphic effects but when it comes to money’s worth, nah, live it there because I don’t want you to have the same terrible headache like I did.

Film Rating: 4 Pop Corns


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