Jun 17, 2011

X-Men First Class...ic!

If there’s one movie that backtrack important events like no other, it has to be X-Men First Class as it exceptionally achieve one of the best story narration to date. It was as clear and as close to the real story as possible that none of the important things I know was missing. Not to mention the clean special effects and action scenes, tally it all and X-Men series finally has a classic part to boast about.

Applaud to the casts first and foremost because they were able to perform their characters as convincing as possible. They were not the best actors in tinsel town but they were able to perform what was expected for them. Another applause to the writers who made the storyline simple, fun and believable enough. It just proves how simple things matters.

I’m not very much persuaded on how mutation was explained, there were no clear explanation on how and why it happened. It would have been better if they were able to connect current extraordinary people who can do exceptional stuffs as a gradual part of mutation like for instance, the David Blaine of the 80’s or some famous people in the past that can do extraordinary stuffs.

The movie is the most important part of the whole Series since it explained the beginning of the long battle between good and evil mutants, it would have been better if they showed this first than what has been release, everything would have hit like it was back then when the cartoon series went live on television.

My grade on the movie, 8 pop corn out of 10 because I enjoyed the film and I’m used to be a big X-Men TV series fan. So go watch it!


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