Jul 4, 2011

Law 101: The Beginning

Well its finally official, I'm now enrolled to the College of Law, first year in Medina College, Southside Philippines. I'm starting to subject myself to another 4 years of reading, writing and massive comprehension with no less than the most difficult course of all.

So why did I decide to curse my geeky self? Fun again, of being curious about anything, crime, politics, laws that applies to everything I do or will be doing. Did I not mentioned that I like watching the Crime and Investigation (CI) Channel? What else, well, lawyer is a very noble profession and when you are one here in my country, people have high respect on you.

What you should be looking forward in to? You will also be subjected to interesting topics here on the blog base on my interpretation of the law. As much as possible, I will be featuring law facts once a week and if you have questions, fell free to ask, I might answer it as far as I could as long as its related to the subject matter. You can also watch how a geek could survive such ordeal and how I my gadgets and devices conforms to the new challenge.

So that's about it, the beginning starts now so help me GOD!


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