Jul 5, 2011

Trivia Question: What Movie Features Nokia Devices As The Only Phones Used By Movie Characters All Throughout?

No its not Robocop but somewhat related because it features bad ass robot/s kicking butts like its the end of the world!

The movie is no other than the Transformers 3, Dark Side of the Moon, that features 4 (on my count) new and hotly contested Nokia phones used by the main characters of the story. I might be wrong in the identification of some phones here or missed some, so the post open for scrutiny.

First up, Nokia E73 Mode (the worldwide named E72), the powerful business QWERTY smartphone which was used by Frances McDormand (Mearing) in calling people around. The phone perfectly fits her character; serious, stiff and stern like nothing can go wrong.

I was also able to site Nokia C6 white, the clever and fun Symbian^1 smartphone that is held by the sexy siren Rosie Huntington-Whiteley (Carly), the movie's only breathing incandescent. The phone is a social monster which allows users to connect to every possible social networks around. Its equivocal to fun and connectivity and with the phones side curves, its synonymous to Carly's posture.

Then came the Nokia X7, the ultimate entertainment smartphone carried by the main character himself Sam Witwicky. The phone is menacingly attractive on the silverscreen with its 4 inch capacitative AMOLED and unique design. Its playful, mischievous and spirited like Shia LaBeouf.

Last but not the least, the phone that took the smartphone world by storm, Nokia N9, first stage disruptive device and the very first Meego running smartphone from Nokia carrying a luscious, savvy, unique and incredibly easy user interface. The device was carried by the a high profile government officer and was shown while the character was inside a limousine. What does this signify? Yup, disruption to the most powerful extend and on the top class caliber because after the conversation, the move to oust Autobots on earth was initiated.

As disturbing as it may seem but I was able to interpret the product placement like nobody have done. c", It's like what the hell was wrong with me? Hah! Well what do you expect from a tech freak.

My movie review is up next, stay tuned!


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