Aug 15, 2011

All Set For Symbian Anna...

Nokia announced a month ago that the Anna upgrade on existing Symbian^3 will be coming end of August, well, today set mark half way to that and I'm very excited to try it on my lust green Nokia N8. I do hope it won't be extended again because they broke their promise twice already as the awaited upgrade was suppose to be release June, then it became July and now August.

Why am I excited on the upgrade? Its a given fact that it gain a good review from critiques because of its noticeable improvement from the previous, I would like to affirm or deny this personally and share my thoughts on it. Symbian Belle, the next upgrade to Anna was even appearing now on videos showing a more improved user interface specially on the Homescreens versatility and degree of personalization but lets not cross to that line as it is not official yet.

So Anna, what to expect with the sweet femme name?

1. The new Symbian icons, the circular, colorful and playful icons that emanates the new direction of the operating system. I have used quite a few themes that replicates the icons and I have to say that I'm not very much sold out to it. I find it a bit simple and not very much creative.

2. Text input has also been improved: there’s the long-awaited portrait QWERTY input, plus a split screen when entering text into web pages and apps, so you don’t lose sight of what you’re filling in.

3. The browser now offers faster performance and is easier to use. I need this more than ever being a frequent user of the application. The current browser is fine but compared to the competition, its behind in few features and savvyness.

The enhanced browser (v7.3) has high value touch UI improvements, including URL entry bar, always visible ‘Go Back’ and extended toolbar buttons and search-integrated address field; better user responsiveness, faster history navigation and page loading, split screen virtual Qwerty keyboard.

I do hope the upgrade will close the gap down or even surpass the current mark set by competing systems. Looking forward to the text flow after zooms, a more fluid scroll and faster page loading.

4. The usability of the photo gallery has also been improved. Just like the browser, I expect a more fluid scroll and a faster loading of images after zoom.

5. Enhanced Ovi Maps (v3.06) is said to have a smarter search, check-in to Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare or local social networks, ability to share places via email and SMS, and also with friends using non-Nokia phones, public transport network lines view and update and download full country maps via WLAN.

I do hope these were true because my Nokia N8's Maps and Navigation is performing peculiarly after a reboot and after installing the Nokia Maps v3.08 via BetaLabs. At the moment, the phones GPS won't work with the use of WIFI to check in to Foursquare, Facebook or Twitter, it needs operators mobile internet connection to be able to do so. Anything to figure out here?

Oh well, as mentioned earlier, the upgrade is coming in 15 days time so that won't be long enough. Will the Anna make the grade?


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