Aug 23, 2011

Belle is Coming! Symbian Revolution Continues

As of the moment, the clock ticks at around 25hours, 33 minutes and 25 seconds till the official unveiling of the next Symbian upgrade, Belle, promising a lot more tweaks and improvements.

Yes, its not a surprise anymore because the person who posted Flash teaser on Facebook forgot to erase the word Belle on the title cracking the element of surprise. But I believe a few more surprise is left for everyone to find out, like the launching device of Belle and the release date. Might also be that the whole cracking incident is planned to conceal something huge behind the curtain, like maybe an upgrade higher to Belle or a tablet among others.

Well everything will be revealed a day from now so lets braise ourselves for the inevitable, change is coming for Symbian!

For the meantime, enjoy this video featuring Symbian Belle on a Nokia N8.


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