Aug 22, 2011

Nokia C7 Chronicle: Day 136

I have with me my Nokia C7 for almost almost 5 months now, times flies fast as the saying goes specially when your enjoying every bit of it.

When I received the phone few months ago, it was more like a reliever device from the longing that I felt after my Nokia N8 and Nokia E7 trial experiences. I had this perspicacity that at least, I have a phone that has the same user interface and operating system that of the two heavyweight smartphones, at least I can do these and that rather than nothing at all, at the same time a consternation that it will never be any better than the two. In short, the phone was a mere overt to the reality that I cannot own my dream devices, Nokia N8 and E7, and I have to settle for less and just be happy about it.

Well, I was definitely wrong on this notion because after having used the device, I could say now that it has a class of its own that held it unique from the rest.

Style is definitely the main attraction of the device, it has a unique enigma that would make me want to look at it and touch it often, that if I want to spend the rest of the day in style, the phone will fit best, that when I need a Flashlight, its Dual LED Flash on the phone will come in handy, among the rest of its strong points.

136 days had past and my Nokia C7 still looks great, some dust accommodation the phones edges, a few hairline unnoticeable scratches among the rest of the normal wear and tear of a heavily used gadget. Some worth noting scratch prone areas were in the shinny plastic bulge of the speaker area which I consider a design flaw, on the plastic cover of the mechanical buttons at the bottom and in protruding plastic camera fringe at the back. These areas needs to be covered with protective case or something.

Software-wise, after a hundreds of upload, downloads, application installation and uninstall, the phone remained stable. Did I not mention on my previous blog posts that my Nokia N8 hanged up on me that I need to reboot it thrice? I had never encountered such on the Nokia C7 that I can freely say that it has more stable software than the latter.

Though unlike the Nokia N8, the C7 doesn't have the smooth interface, it lags sometimes in registering touch commands specially when the phone is connected to a charger. Other than this, the phone is a power device performing the best of what it does.

Day 136 and the phone is about to enter another chapter of its gadget life as I'm about to upgrade the phone to Symbian Anna, the long awaited upgrade that will bring lots of improvements on the device. I will be writing my experience with the new operating system in the next few days, a blow and blow account on the new features and enhancements capping it off with a re-review of the phone.

C7 connected to the Ovi Suite now and a few clicks away from rebirth.... ready, set and here we go!


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