Aug 17, 2011

Promotional Videos For Nokia E7, N8, C7 and C6-01 with Symbian Anna

The Symbian Anna upgrade seems to be unstoppable now as Nokia loads promotional videos for the Symbian^3 carrying device's. Well, it's about time since that upgrade is due past its target. As I mentioned in my article yesterday, I expect a lot from this upgrade and I do hope it meets my expectation.

The video would also mean that all the current aforementioned phones will now be carrying the Symbian Anna.

The videos went live silently on youTube few days ago but whats interesting among the videos were the number of views they currently have at the moment. The views could automatically correlates popularity with the most viewed as the forefront of the race.

Base on the current tally, the obvious prevails, N8 is still the flagship as to popularity among Nokia phones with 37,155 views followed halfway by C7 with 14,171 views, then the E7 with 12,663 views and finally on far fourth, the C6-01 with 7,542 views. I believe that the Nokia N8 is also the frontrunner among number of units sold.

And so without further ado, the aforementioned the Symbian Anna-nized videos.

Nokia N8

Nokia C7

Nokia E7

Nokia C6-01


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