Aug 18, 2011

Windows Phone 7 Mango, The Introduction

This is the very first article on the blog that features Windows Phone 7 Operating System. I have quite a history with the system when I owned an HTC Tanager 10 years ago but Symbian captured my fancy when I bought the Nokia 6233 as a replacement, an unplanned uncovering since I was about to buy another Windows Phone under Smart Telecom's offered postpaid plan that time but it was not available.

Ever since then, I became a huge Nokia Symbian fan owning quite a few from Nokia N82, Nokia 5230 and now Nokia N8 but the inevitable had happened with its development and upgrade that force Nokia to dumped the system for the latter. Now I'm still weighing things out if I will support Windows Phone or not for Nokia. It has to proved its worth first as a successor to the Legendary Symbian before I would jump in to the wagon.

So what did I miss in the Windows Phone operating system for the past 10 years? Joe Belfiore, Corporate Vice President, Windows Phone Program Management, explains in this 10 minute introductory video.

Lets see how things turns out with the Nokia Sea Ray.


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