Aug 5, 2011

Things to Consider before Getting a PLDT myDSL Broadband

As promised, another explosive posts is due today and it’s a straight from the bottom opinion and advised that I can share to everyone not that I had a grunge with PLDT at the moment but on the grounds of truth as a subscriber.

1. The connection is slow compared to the competition. I have used Smart Bro before, a sister company of PLDT and you can really see point blank the difference in the speed. Count the speedtest in and you get the validation you need. I think it’s high time for the company to consider increasing their bandwidth speed. There closest competitor is now offering 512kbps for their basic package though the latest offering the company for new subscriber is similar to the latter but I do hope they will include current subscribers.

2. The package is expensive because with the offered speed of 384kbps (only 200+ in reality), you pay PhP990 as compared to the plan 799 offer of Globe Wimax/Canopy with a maximum speed of 512kbps.

3. You get to pay services that you don’t need, for instance, a landline that I consider obsolete on personal level or home use since mobilephones is the mainstream of communication nowadays. Even the business establishments now prefer mobilephones over landline because it’s more portable to use.

4. The Watchpad service bundled on the package is a big joke. Who would ever want to watch a video stream on a 386kbps it offers. It’s like watching a stop motion video.

5. Lacks package personalization like Globe offers to its subscribers. They even encourage users to personalized packages to their taste so they won’t pay things that they don’t need.

6. Abysmal online supports system. Take for example, you forgot your password for Watchpad, the page doesn’t offer a password recovery system via email, instead you have to call a telephone support to do so. What if you’re not at home and a PLDT phone is nowhere to be found?

7. As mentioned in my article yesterday, the company is inhumane and inconsiderate when it comes to payment of bills. Unlike the competition where they offer at least 3 months grace period, PLDT doesn’t give any consideration on the matter. Would a multimillion company be hugely affected with the nonpayment of subscriber’s bill for a month that they would cut their internet right away for not doing so? Be reasonable sometimes!

So there you go, the important reasons you need to consider before getting PLDT myDSL. I'm leaving it up for the users to decide wither the package fits their needs or not.


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