Sep 6, 2011

Law 101: The best way to remarry legally! Part 2

We have talk about the best and the fastest option that allows you to remarry legally (Click Here) under the Philippine Law but it has a catch and its not as fun and you think it is.

Then again, I have to mention in here that the our Law is not divorce friendly unlike the rest of the world, so the Presumption of death is limited in terms of applicability and coverage unlike divorce or annulment. You might also ask the difference between the two but lets dwell into that next time because both subjects are complicated and need a thorough discussion.

Going back to the topic, the Presumption of death is very much dependent on circumstances most specifically on your previous partners condition. Granted that you were issued a judicial decree allowing you to remarry again, the said decree will become null and void if your partner resurfaces. This would mean that your current marriage will be ineffective and dissolved respecting the rights of your original spouse rather than the current.

In this option, you will have to learn the value of prayer that your presumption of your previous spouse is real for your current marriage to be effective for the rest of your life. Call that scourge!


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