Sep 2, 2011

Nokia C7 Chronicle: A Life With Anna Day 3

Day 3 with the Nokia C7 with Symbian Anna and its thrice splendid. I'm still mesmerize by the performance boost of the phone overall. You can read Day 1 and Day 2 by clicking the link.

06:00 Hours, +8 GMT, August 25, 2011

Start of the third day with Anna, the most beautiful thing that happen for the phone. Not a pleasant morning though because I came to realize that I have less than two days to study for my Midterm exam in Criminal Law and Statutory Construction. Then a thought came to my mind, how can a Nokia Symbian smartphone help a striving student like me. Hmmm?

08:00 Hours, +8 GMT, August 25, 2011

Head to work rushing because I'm almost late. Its a bit of an issue on my part because no matter how early I woke up, I still end up almost late to work. Must have something to do with my Nokia C7 smartphone! Haha!

12:00 Hours, +8 GMT, August 25, 2011

Lunch time with the gang and also the best time to discover more improvements on the phone, these time the camera application. Maybe its just me but I really think that captured images of the phone's camera is generally better now compared to the old one, might be startled by the impressive system improvement overall but really...

On the other hand, without a doubt camera menu had been modified from the icons used to the arrangement of the menu and camera options, but no new camera features were seen and the Video capability did not change rather like the 30pfs HD recording capability on Nokia N8.

17:00 Hours, +8 GMT, August 25, 2011

The most exciting part of the day since I'm heading home, but not this time around because I have a tedious tasks ahead, my 450 page Criminal Law book coverage for Midterm Exam. I have to read at least 250 pages for the night so I can finished everything which brings me back to the question, how can a powerful smartphone like the Nokia C7 help me as a student?

On a fast note, the phone is a good social and communication device so I can easily connect with my classmates and professors. I'm also using it as a recording device, like when were having a class or discussion, the phones recording capability helps me review everything that was discussed and take note of those that I missed. My only problem was that the phone doesn't capture the my professors voice clearly from where I'm sitting so I have to figure everything up. If only theirs an app that can enhance the phones recording feature, it would be of great help. And that an app could do a voice to text feature so it could produce an automatic transcript of what was recorded.

A Law dictionary could also help because of the complexity of the words being use. The dictionary must include Latin being commonly quoted, and not to typecast the rest of the college courses, Nokia should focus on developing Dictionary specifically targeted to each.

I would really want to see an Optical Character Recognition (OCR) app on for Symbian which could recognize letters on pictures and transcribe them to words. How could this be very important? What if your on a library and you want to xerox a page in the book for reference and the xerox copier is not available, instead of writing it, users could take a photo of the page and let the OCR app transcribe the picture and covert it into text, no more jotting of notes. I should send this to Ideas Project!

20:00 Hours, +8 GMT, August 25, 2011

Turn my geek side off so I can start reading. I did place the phone near me so I can easily peep in if somebody text or call and that I could pop in the music player if I get a bit bored and drowsy. Being reachable though, the phone is a perfect distraction, what I've notice was that every time somebody text me and read the said text, I hop in to Gravity, Email and so fort so it takes away a portion of my time... who wouldn't be?

This will be up for now folks, more chronicles upcoming!

Nokia C7 Full Specs Here


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