Oct 18, 2011

Why am I excited about Nokia World 2011?

This is my third year that I’ve been actively blogging about mobilephones, Nokia in particular, gadgets, life in excerpts and all excess baggage in between and my second time to witnessed Nokia World from a distance, needless to say, I’m part of the few who looks forward to the event being a Nokia enthusiast and a technology buff.
So back to the question, in particular, why Nokia World 2011? Well, I got 3 H’s for you.

1. Happiness – It will be the perfect place and time to celebrate and just be happy for Nokia who have stood ground amidst all the trials they encountered this year. The journey have been long and excruciating for the company especially during the early months of 2010 where they’ve decided to give up a home grown Operating System that commends the majority of the world’s smartphone devices leaving lots of solid followers behind. It was then a sad day to a lot of people and to me who fought and championed Symbian to my best ability. The changed was inevitable to give way to the future and to innovation but hose were the days, as Nokia prepares to commence a new chapter of its quest, happiness looms in minds of people who stood ground with them, standing proud.

2. Humble – The art of seduction, in Nokia World 2011, the world will witness the showcase of finesse, ingenuity and skills to leverage the company’s comeback to glory, from the most intricate detail of device’s impressive designs and artistry, relevance of services to be offered, to brilliant market strategies. The event is expected to be the most elaborate and the most vigorous approach to impress the smartphone world again, once and for all.

3. Heart – Blame, guilt, remorse, not in the upcoming Nokia event as the world will bear witness to truth, faith and determination. Business, competition and life in general is not at all easy, it’s full of difficulties and challenges, for a mighty company or a person in particular, to accept failures emanates strong will and strength, the true measure of a born leader. In Nokia world, the roaring of a once wounded lion will be heard and it will come deep from the heart.

To the people behind Nokia World 2011, good luck, stand proud and God speed.


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