Dec 25, 2011

My Christmas Wishlist 2011

Its Christmas in this part of the world! Santa must have been very busy giving gifts around the globe, that if he did exists but true or not, everyone of us have personal wishlists for Christmas, things that we would have wanted to do, own or buy but far fetch. It wouldn't be a wishlist if you've already have it, right?

Anyways, here's a few on mine.

1. Vacation, local or international. Ever since I've been to law school, working two jobs with some sideline activities to earn more and hobbies to maintain like my blog, I haven't really had a chance to roam around, relax and enjoy. Life at the moment for me is very hectic, I need time to enjoy other things that I missed doing, like exploring new places, succumbed to adventure, lying on the beach among others.

2. Doing charity. Well, not that I'm inspired to do it because of the Sendong calamity that hit Iligan and Cagayan De Oro City but I have this notion that for once in awhile, I have to do things that matters to others and make a difference. I've been to a lot of charity works before but with zero to none organization that does these in the community where I'm at, I've been secluded for quite sometime. I think I should organize one here.

3. I wish I could buy a motor vehicle. Public transportation becomes arduous when time matters, like when I'm off to work or school or in just about any given situation.

4. DSLR Camera. Did I not mentioned on the blog before that I was just borrowing camera from my cousin to take better images for my mobilephone reviews. On many occasions, I have with me the 5MP camera monster, Nokia N82 back then, now I currently own the best cameraphone in the world, the Nokia N8, but nothing beats DSLR's yet when it comes to taking professional still images.

5. Tablet. When a cousin of mine showed me the best way to bring all her medicine books anywhere she goes and study it in a book like manner, I've decided right there and then that it would be high time for me to get a tablet because Law books were very tedious to bring anywhere I go being heavy and numerous. Question now is, what tablet will I be getting and will I be able to get eBook versions of my Law books.

The most viable candidate for me are the iPad2 and ZTE V9c being the only available tablet in Globe Telecom at the moment disqualifying all tabs from Samsung of course because they have reliability issues on all their products or I could get PLDT's Telpad being a myDSL subscriber. I don't really know why Nokia is not joining the tablet game anytime soon but one thing is for sure, there missing a lot of market opportunity with a notion that there not serious enough in fighting back to regain market leadership in the smart device space. I would have choose a Nokia tablet above the rest.

6. Mobilephone. My first choice would be... hmm? Nokia Lumia 800 being the most talk about phone in the Nokia line-up at the moment. I wish I could also talk about it on the blog like others does. I did not mention it being the best at the moment because its definitely not, I still prefer Nokia N9 being original design-wise with a remarkably easy user interface and Nokia N8 for camera features. Lumia 800 is just the future of Nokia on the Windows Phone turf and development in the short term will be focus on the partnership, nothing more.

7. Accessory. I wish I have the Nokia Essence Stereo headset for Christmas. I'm using my wired headset everyday when I travel and it becomes fiddly in any given situation with all the wires. Nokia Essence headset will definitely solve this problem.

8. Lottery. Honest to goodness, I wish I win one to solve all my financial problems. Yes, money cant buy happiness, but life would be so much easier if you're not worried about credit card bills, right?

9. Last but not the least... World peace, like what you hear often in beauty contest. Come to think of it, what if the world is a peaceful place to live in with people respecting one another and just enjoy life as it was meant to be, would it be better and more populous?


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