Dec 26, 2011

Nokia Store Now Offers Paid Apps In The Philippines

After almost two years, Nokia Store finally offers paid applications to Filipino users.

Prices have now start appearing beside some applications on the list available for download. This is a welcome development because Filipinos can now use and enjoy the best premium application on the store without restriction unlike trial and free versions that are offered before. In addition, users are now also offered with bunch of new ones that were use to be limited to other countries being paid apps.

The prices were suited and adjusted for local consumption, like for instance, the best twitter client for Symbian, Gravity, the international price of the said app is $9.95 which is equivalent to PhP450.00 when converted with today's rate, the said app on Nokia Store only costs PhP150.00, thats PhP300.00 cheaper.

The mechanism of payment will be through operators bill, this would mean that purchases will charge be on top of your Globe, Smart or Sun Cellular bill if your into postpaid or be deducted to your load balance if your using a prepaid account. Quite handy I would say and you can monitor your downloads.

At the moment, I've purchase Gravity and planning to buy other apps for customization. You should also start browsing Nokia store as well and pick the best apps that could enhance your phones usability.


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