Dec 27, 2011

PLDT Telpad and The Endless Possibilities

You’ve probably see the commercial of PLDT Telpad on TV showing bits of its features and I have to say it’s a pretty cool device with all things you can do with it from web browsing, to video calls and playing games like angry birds but what else can a regular user do with such a powerful device.

Here are more ways that you can use the AD-1000A Telpad:

1. Promote World Peace!

Yes, just like the most common answers of contestants in beauty contests, a Telpad user can take part on the greatest humanitarian cause with its ability to connect to any social network to have ever existed, Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, Multiply, etc., all this social mesh have existing applications on Android Market that a Telpad user can download, install and use via WIFI to spread the love and peace throughout humanity.

2. Learn in style.

PLDT AD-1000A Telpad is a substitute to all your reference needs. Say you’re a student that carries a bunch of more or less 1000 page books to school every day, what the Telpad can do is eliminate this tedious practice with its eBook feature.

E-books are digital publications, consisting of text, images, or both, and are readable on computers or other electronic devices. The Telpad’s E-book reader allows users to read books virtually in a book-like manner with the flipping page action or even better with its ability to highlight a portion or add a side note on the virtual page or zoom in or out the page to the user’s preference. With the Telpad’s 32GB of storage, users can save thousands of eBooks on it and will save them a bunch of weight to bring every day.

3. Teach interactively.

The device has a 7 inches TFT LCD capacitive screen that few people can picked into clearly all at the same time, all you need to do is download basic learning and educational tools and applications on Android market and ask people to set near you and teach them interactively with everything you want or better yet if you have a large audience, connect the device to a TV/Screen monitor via its HDMI port so a lot of people can see.

4. Explore creativity.

The device has a 4-point multi-touch screen, meaning, you can touch the screen with all of your four fingers all at the same time registering individual commands per finger, so how can this be related to creativity? Art, painting and anything artistry related, the device is capable of having this applications installed so you can sketch your way out to hearts content.

5. Experience movies and videos.

Love movies? Well I’m not going to tell you that the Telpad can let you watch movies because it’s given on the specs sheet that it supports .mp4, .avi, .flv and .mkv, instead I challenge you to create your own masterpiece and share it on Facebook or Youtube. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, the Telpad is capable of editing a video you’ve captured using your camcorder or mobilephone and make it into a movie that everyone could enjoy. You can find a lot of video editing apps on Android Market and it’s up to you to construct your storyline, plot, etc.

6. Conquer time.

Conquer time and not time conquer you. The Telpad can let you easily manage your time by organizing your daily schedules making it your personal virtual secretary. It will keep you posted with the reminders and To Do lists that you created for the day. Just choose the wide range of calendar and reminder application on the market that best suites you.

7. Love yourself.

Not in a deceitful way of course, but in a healthy way. The Telpad via the Android market offers you a wide range of applications to monitor your health. Weight, BMI, Blood pressure, Sugar, Exercise, these were just a few of the stuffs you can monitor using your device. A lot of apps also offer tips on how to improve your ways and means, personality, looks, etc.

And so much more…

As mentioned on my blog title, owning a PLDT Telpad has endless possibilities, you can do whatever you want or say whatever you say, you can even conquer the world with it, but which is which, always remember the moral lesson that the movie Spiderman partake, that with such power comes with great responsibility. Be responsible enough with your decisions and actions in using the device and most of all put God first above the rest.

To know more about PLDT Telpad, click the following links:

Official website:
PLDT landline Facebook page:


how much? whats the brand of the tablet?


Please see this link for the price.

PLDT did not mention any brand name, maybe its coming from a Chinese manufacturer

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