Dec 31, 2011

Top 10 Mobilephones of 2011

It’s time ladies and gentlemen for the dreaded yearly countdown of the Top 10 best mobilephones of the year. Last year was unexpected because my runaway winner is a mid-range device with a not so powerful specifications. What it has is the total packaging from being useful to being the most affordable without sacrificing to much features. You can read the blog post HERE.

So which phones will make it to the elite this year? Could it be as mentally challenging or emotionally disturbing just like last year? Read on…

10. Cheery Mobile Magnum HD

This is a living proof that high spec's phones should not be expensive and unreachable for the mass market. For just PhP15,600, you will get the following, 4.1 inches TFT WVGA Capacitive screen, Android Gingerbread, 1Ghz processor, 5.0 MP Camera with Flash, 720p HD Recording, WIFI among other specs that you can find in a PhP27,000 Android devices, but less the hardware of course being not so reliable with a possibility of a broken signal or a broken phone itself in 6 months or less. Ask the Cherry Mobile owners, they knew better.

9. Nokia E6

I have been very vocal about the phone being my dream form factor, QWERTY plus capacitive touchscreen, and up to now it still is but the problem with the phone was that, it doesn’t have the jest or the "buy me" factor that’s why it’s almost on the bottom of my list. First and foremost, the screen lacks the size that I would have wanted it to be, 2.46 inches is way off the normal screen size. It would have been better if it has the least 3.0 inches with a 360 x 640 pixels so it’s compatible to all applications for Symbian Anna. Secondly, it has a sub-par camera with its 8MP and Full Focus feature taking regular photos only, but nonetheless, it has a superior hardware cover, the best business apps in the market and the best value price. Nokia just have to add a few tweaks here and it will be perfect.

8. Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc S

If we talk about the looks, this phone is the runaway winner! It really look beautiful but holding the phone and using it speaks the other way around. It’s uncomfortable to use and Timescape User Interface (UI) on top of the Android Operating System is rather confusing than helpful. In fact among the Android phones, Sony Ericsson’s UI implementation is the most boring and unattractive. Have anyone even care to tell them that it’s the main reasons why they lag behind in the Android race? But nonetheless the phone has the following specs to brag about, 4.2inches LED-lit capacitive screen, 1.4Ghz SnapDragon Processor, 8MP autofocus camera with HD video recording, WIFI with DLNA among others. And it cost a fortune as well.

7. Motorola Droid RZAR

Yes it’s the RZAR branding alright, that’s why it made it to my Top 10 list. I never question the hardware of a Motorola phone, it will definitely last long unlike any Samsung devices. Motorola made it sure that the phone inherits the character that made the RZAR line-up famous a decade ago, thin dimension yet very solid. And rather, Motorola phones must be the only choice for anybody getting an Android device because it’s now own by Goggle and if there’s one company that Goggle favor in the future, it will be their own.

6. Nokia Lumia 800

This phone is indeed the first real challenge to the Apple iPhone and Androids because the fanboys did all it best to discredit the phones presence. Come to think of it, they belied the phones sale standing, they tried to inculcate the thought that it’s uninteresting and they want it to be dead before it gets even release worldwide, how stupid was that? Maybe they just can’t accept the fact that it’s better than iPhone when it comes to user experience and Android when it comes to system implementation. I’m not fully sold to the phone rather being a copycat to Nokia N9’s hardware design but I’m interested in getting one being very much talked about. Agree?

5. Samsung Galaxy Y S5360

The phone has the unreliable Samsung hardware that might broke after 6 months of use but hey, its is dead cheap for a device with the following specs and features, 3 inches capacitive touchscreen, 860Mhz ARM processor, Android Gingerbread, 2MP camera, WIFI among others. I call it the first touchscreen phone that is truly for the masses. But again as mentioned earlier, buy in your own risk.

4. Amazon Kindle Fire

Will it’s not a true phone in real sense but you can call anybody using the device via Skype or other social applications so its phone in technical sense. Confuse, I am too but it made it as far as number 4 on my best lists for the year. The baseline is of course the price being affordable but it gained more weight being technically good and feature-riched. It has the specs that most of the tablet costing PhP27,000 or more with only a quarter of its price. Just count the difference!

3. Apple iPad 2

That’s a tablet to, moron! But again it’s a phone base on my definition. So why the iPad2 then? Well among the tablet in the market at the moment, this device is no less than the crown jewel being unchallenged by let say Samsung Galaxy Tab or Acer Iconia or Blackberry Playbook when it comes to user experience and features and you know the most hilarious thing about these competing tablets? They are priced the same as that of the iPad2 even if they are less in everything else! How stupid was that?

2. Nokia Asha 303

The phone made it almost to the number one spot by simply becoming the phone that Nokia E6 should have been hardware-wise, a bigger screen and undoubtedly stylish. Its the phones hardware and form factor that made this phone outstanding and the specs and the price were just supporting attributes even though it only cost PhP6,400 and has the following features to brag about, capacitive touchscreen, I GHz of processor, 3.2MP camera, WIFI among others. It must be further improved by adding more size to the screen, like .4 inches more?

1. Nokia N9

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I’m still bounded by the charm of Nokia N9 two months since my free trial with it ended. It just proved how alluring the phone is because it continuously hunt me with its enigma; the superior hardware, unibody design, curve glass display, the bright AMOLED screen with ClearBlack Display technology that makes the icons looks afloat, the three panel system that’s so easy to use, among others, it’s like a phone that was made almost to perfection, only that its running Meego, the Operating System that will cease to exist in two years’ time or more. But I don’t care if it does, as long as I get satisfaction I need when I’m using it. Would that be the best thing that matters most?

Comments and violent reactions are welcome.


What kind of education does the person evaluating these phones have? Whoever it is does not use proper English, which to me, is quite an important asset for me to respect their comments and opinions.

Your missing the point @anonymous, as written on my blog subtitle, "Its the best blog for fun, life and bad grammar", so expect a not so polished English grammar.

Anyways, I found your English funny, ridiculous and wrongly constructed but at least I don't pretend and brag that I'm good at it.

How about you, whats your educational attainment?

where is the places of the popular blackberry phones..... are they not listed in the categories............ i need answers thank u

well, a blackberry made it to my list on 2010 but unfortunately, I grew tired of them. there boring, they have few available apps and most of them look the same as if RIM have not encounter the word innovation on phone design. i like the bb social though.

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